Thursday, July 9, 2009

To Many Babies In Grand Rapids

Thursday July 9, 2009.  Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Went into town to do some grocery shopping and ran across this sign on our way to Walmart.


We followed the sign to the sale and no babies just baby stuff, what a disappointment.  On our travels we see many funny signs and I never get a picture of them, but this one I had to go back and get a picture.  It was just to funny to pass up.



The turkey vultures hanging around to pick somebody's bones clean.  They have no feathers on the top of the head, so they can’t carry disease.  I thought turkey vultures were lake hawks and eagles and could pick up their prey with their feet, but the feet are more suited for walking not grasping.


Blue Heron.  They sound just like a dog barking when they are startled. 


Stormy’s  friend the red squirrel is back and brought a friend with him.  Now there are two of them to harass the cat.


Stormy waiting for the red squirrels to come out of hiding. 


One last nature picture, not sure what kind of buttery fly this is.  Sherry got a nice picture of it.

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