Friday, September 25, 2009

Dad And The Turkeys

Dad was released from the hospital last Sunday into a TCU (Transitional Care Unit), similar to a nursing home, only it is temporary.  He goes to physical therapy a couple times a day to build up his endurance. Then the rest of the day he pretty much rests.  He is doing better today, yesterday was a bad day for him, lots of pain.  We hope he will be going home on Wednesday.  He is looking forward to being in his own home again.  I spend most of my days with him, he likes the company, he gets pretty lonely. 

Mike has been busy working on the driveway, it gets a few ruts when it rains.  He’s filling the ruts with crushed blacktop.

P1040571 P1040576

Stormy has been busy doing what she does best.  Nothing.


We had a few visitors to the back yard they other evening.

P1040586 P1040596

This is our view from our MH, not bad.  There were 34 turkeys that wondered past us the other evening while we were sitting outside having a glass of wine.  As you can tell fall is coming the leaves are falling. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once Again Dad Is In The Hospital

Yep I took dad to his doctor appointment today and they put him back in the hospital.  He is still bleeding into his stomach lining and the hematoma  is getting very large, looks like he has this huge growth in his stomach.  They were giving him a couple of units of blood tonight.  His kidneys are not working properly so they are checking that out.  Also his white count is up so he has an infection.  But you ask him how he feels he will tell you he feels fine, and ready to go home.  Hopefully this time they will keep him longer and make sure everything is healing and working properly.


Other then that things are fine.   

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dad Is Home Again

Dad was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon.  I would have liked him to stay another night, but you know how hospitals are, out you go.  He is still in so much pain and the blood has not dissolved in the lining of his stomach still looks like a large round ball in there.  Mike and I spent the morning with him, he is pretty weak, not getting around to good.

On to fun stuff, I have pictures of the kitty that stormy is training.

P1040553 P1040551

I’m not sure they will ever like each other.  In the first picture Stormy is hiding behind the pepper plant.  In the second one they are have the usual stand off. 

P1040563 P1040567

I know Stormy is thinking up ways to get this kitty out of her life.

As you know we rent our house to a very nice family John and A Her and their baby daughter, whose name slips my mind at the moment.  The property has plenty of room for us to still park our MH and not interfere with their lives.  They invited us for a traditional Vietnamese dish called Pho, on Sunday.  It was absolutely delicious.  


John is on the right with the big smile on his face.  Rick our other neighbor is in the lower right hand corner of the second picture.  He has also had us over for a couple of BBQs since we have been home.  They have been so great, they know I have been spending most of time with my dad and not feeding Mike.  Guess they think Mike might fade away.  It would take more then a few skipped meals for that to happen.

Tuesday evening after returning home from dads John and A brought over some of their home made egg rolls.  Mike and both love egg rolls and these were probably the best we ever ate. 

I have a dentist appointment in the morning and dad has a doctor appointment at 1, so should be another busy day.  Hopefully we will make it to the doctors this time, and maybe even have some good news for us about his heart. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dads Back In The Hospital

Monday Sept. 14, 2009

I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers you have sent our way.   Dad is back in the hospital with bleeding in his stomach.  Seems the blood thinners are to much for his system.  They are taking him off them, and I feel very good about that.  I knew they were very strong with some serious side effects, now I don’t have to worry about that.

I went to pick dad up this morning for his doctor appointment, he was in such pain I had to call the paramedics.  There was no way I could get him into the car.  The paramedics administered pain medication within 10 minutes of checking him.

Dad is resting comfortably, the pain meds are working great.  I sure am spending a lot of time in the hospital, good thing I enjoy reading, and this time I brought the computer with me. 

I hope dad will only being spending one night here, as the couch in his room is not the most comfortable.  The nurses do bring in sheets and blankets in the evening for me.    



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dad Is Getting Stronger

Dad is home, and doing better then expected, he has such a strong constitution.  I do spend a good part of day with him making sure he takes his medication and giving him his injections.  Tomorrow I will be taking him to see his doctor, and hopefully he will be going off some of the meds. 

I have sort of adopted a new kitty.  It actually belongs to the neighbor, but he likes to spend his time in the MH.  I think he wants to be a travel and see the world.  Stormy is not real happy with the new kitty, she is trying her hardest to tolerate it, but it’s tough.  I will get some pictures of the new kitty Tee Tee. 

We have had unseasonably warm weather this past week, it has been in the 80s and sunny.  A little on the warm side for me, but I won’t complain.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Life Has Changed


Last Saturday we got a phone call from our son, Rich, that my dad was having some problems with his health. We hopped in the truck and left for home.   They admitted him to the hospital with pneumonia and heart problems.  The top half of his heart is beating to fast and his heart is enlarged.   He also has some blockage in one of the arteries.

He will be going home today, which will be nice as I have been spending days and nights in the hospital with him.  I didn’t want him to be alone to much.  He will have a home health care nurse coming in for a week or so, and many appointments with a cardiologist, trying to get his heart rhythm back to normal. 

Mike went back to the lake on Sunday to pick up the MH.  Our son-in-law Dave went with him to help pack thinks up, as we will not be going back this year.  Dave and Mike arrived home last night about 7:00 PM.  Mike is pretty exhausted form all the driving lately. 

All morning I have been watching videos on dads heart problems and how to deal with them.  So many new medications and injections I will be giving him.  I a 100 page book of instructions on how to handle everything.  Sure hope I remember it all. I will. 

We will be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, but we will all get thru it fine.  A few prayers for my dad would be wonderful.  Thanks everyone.