Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Last Day In Quebec

Thursday July 29th 2010

We tried to make the most of our last day in Québec.  Back to the old town for more sight seeing and fun. 

DSC_0036-1 DSC_0037-1

Mike made some new friends among the street entertainers.

DSC_0042 P1060858

A little clowning around.

DSC_0044-1 DSC_0048-1

The Citadelle Royal 22nd Regiment Museum inside the walls of the Old City.  Military traditions are maintained through military ceremonies held on the grounds.



Our ferry ride across the St. Lawrence River.  DSC_0064-1

That’s our little black pickup on left.  It cut about 25 miles off our drive time by taking the ferry. The cost was only $8.00 for the truck and Mike and me. 

That evening we went to the Island of Orleans to watch the fireworks competition being held out side the city.  It was about an hour of the most amazing display we have ever seen.  It ended up being a late night and we are leaving for the states in the morning. 

P1060880 P1060895

We loved our time in Canada, we saw a lot of Canadian history in the old cities.  Met some of the most friendly people we have in all our travels.  Life just keeps getting better. 

As you can tell I posted a few blogs today.  I have internet again.



Our Second Day Quebec City

Wednesday July 28th 2010

Québec City is my favorite city by far.  The old part of the city is so European.  We started at the parliament building just outside the walls of the Old City

P1060836  DSC_0026

DSC_0025 P1060846

We had a little rain our first day, but it didn’t dampen our fun at all.

DSC_0024 This little cafe was built in 1677.

P1060862 DSC_0058-2

Hotel Chateau Frontenac standing high on the bluff over looking the St. Lawrence river.

We visited the churches our first day.  Notre Dame of Quebec City.

P1060870  P1060872

We had found a parking spot just outside the city, paid $3.00 for 3 hours not to bad. 

P1060877 P1060875

We had a light dinner before leaving the city, a bottle of wine and some French onion soup.  Both were excellent.



St Michel, Quebec

Tuesday July 27tj

It was 195 miles from Montreal to Quebec.  It rained and was cloudy most of the day.  By the time we arrived at the campground the rain stopped and the sun came out for a few minutes, enough to just tease us.  

We stayed at a campground near St. Michel a small village on the St. Lawrence River, about 35 miles east of Quebec city.  

P1060819   P1060820

P1060823 P1060822

We spent three nights at the campground.  Our first night we met 2 couples from British Columbia, we had happy hour together, so much fun and lots of laughs. 

Our Last Day In Montreal

Monday July 26, 2010

We had one last thing to see, Olympic Park, built when the 1976 Summer Olympic Games were held in Montreal.  It still serves as a show place today. 

The landmark tower on the main stadium is 575 feet, is the world’s largest inclined tower.  

P1060792  P1060798

The Olympic pools are located under the tower.  The second picture is now the Bio Dome.

P1060789 P1060785

P1060787 P1060812

The Upper pool and the Olympic village, where the athletes stayed.

It’s late and I need lunch.  We stopped at a small restaurant to eat.  We had heard so much about Poutine a French Canadian dish, Mike thought he would try it.  Everybody just raved about how good it was and how you would just love it.  Well it was okay, nothing that great.  We probably will never order it again, but glad we did.


French fries, gravy and mozzarella cheese curds.


We leave in the morning for Quebec city. 

Montreal, Ontario

Saturday July 24th 2010

We slept late so didn’t get started until around 11am.  Ours plans were to visit a few churches and Little Italy.  

After we paid our $17.00 dollars to park we headed off walking to our first stop, Basilica Marie-Reine-Du-Monde Cathedral.  P1060747  DSC_0054-1

P1060752 DSC_0055-1

The third largest church in Quebec, work was started in 1875 and finished in 1894.  The church was build on a smaller scale to replicate St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Just a few blocks away is St. George's Anglican Church built in 1870.

DSC_0072-1 DSC_0067-1

DSC_0085-1A little history on St. George’s Church.

Across the street form the church is Windsor Station.  At one time it was the hub of Canada’s railway system. 

DSC_0070-1 DSC_0083-1

Mike checking his map to see were we are going next.  You can pick out the tourists they all have maps in hand.

St. Johns Oratory Of Mount Royal, the largest church in Canada.  Built in 1904, and added onto many times. 

DSC_0107 DSC_0116

The steps going to the church were unbelievable, if you look to the left and right of the church you will see more steps.


And then there were more steps.  Once we made it to the top we found the escalators, sure was happy to see them.  Much easier coming down.

DSC_0126  DSC_0136-1 The votive Chapel, had to have at least 20 votive stations in the Chapel.

DSC_0117 Notre Dame College is across the street from the Church.

As you can tell we enjoy all the beautiful churches in the old cities, so much history and architecture, and nothing wrong with trying to get on His good side, a prayer here a prayer there.

  I was getting hungry and saw enough churches for the day.  We really did see other things.

Lunch was in Little Italy a really nice neighborhood in Montreal.

DSC_0138   DSC_0141-1

DSC_0142-1 DSC_0148

The wedding party dancing in the streets of Little Italy.

We had a late lunch did a little shopping at the farmers market and headed home.  What a great day, the best ever.  They all seem to be the best.