Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mexican Hat Utah and Goosenecks State Park

Monday March 30th

We said goodbye to Lone Rock Beach, and are headed to Mexican Hat and Goosenecks State Park.   Traveled 165 miles today.


Lots of snow on the ground, elevation 7000 feet.



It’s a good thing Mike keeps the windshield clean, because I take tons of pictures out the window.


Goosenecks State Park is free range, so we have cows everywhere.


This little guy had to show me his best side.


This looks like Horseshoe Bend, but it is Gooseneck State Park.  In fact this is what we see out our front window of the MH.  Unbelievable, breathtaking, amazing, how lucky are we.


Our campsite for next few days.  No entry fee into the State Park and no camping fees.  Love this campsite. 

On Our Way To The Land Of Oz

Sunday March 29th

The day stated out just beautiful warm and sunny.  I sat outside on the beach and read my book while Mike polished the MH.  Then it happened, the worst wind storm we have ever experienced.  Not sure what the guts got to, but I was saying my prayers and kissing Mike goodbye.  It blew for hours, and there is so much red dust in the MH, I’m not sure how I will get it cleaned up. 

Stormy thought she was going to meet Toto, and I was pretty sure the MH was going to be on the yellow brick road.  It started at 1PM and ended around 9PM, way to long for me. 

Pretty sure Mike’s polish job got sandblasted away.  We came out of the storm okay no major damage other then my nerves. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Point Marina

Saturday March 28th

We spent the day being tourists again.  Our first stop was Horseshoe Bend.  It was a 1 1/2 mile hike to the spot, up hill both ways.


This is our starting point.


That is not a road it is the hiking path.  We are headed to the hole in the ground in the center of the picture.


This is our destination Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.  Pictures just do not show how truly amazing these places are.  You had to get right on the edge of the cliff to get good pictures, and I got pretty close.


This is as close to the edge as Mike wanted to be.


People were camping down on the river.  I did get pictures of boats going by but they didn’t really come out that good.


Critter sighting, who said we don’t see wildlife on our hikes.


Back up the hill and down the other side. 

Onto our next stop Antelope Point Marina.  Now this is a fancy place.  They have valet service to take your stuff to your boat slip.  We went to see the restaurant on the one acre floating Island surrounded by floating fountains.   Jadi Tooh is the name, pretty sure it is a Navajo name. 

We spent a few hours checking out the boats in the marina and having lunch. 


The restaurant coming down the hill.  You get picked up in the parking lot and driven down to the marina and restaurant.


The road, more like a bridge going down to the lake.  This is at about the halfway point.  Only golf carts are allowed to drive on the bridge road.


The windows on the side toward the lake open up like garage doors, very unique.


I was amazed at all the gas pumps they had, but then this marina is huge and just about all the boats are monstrous houseboats.


One of the hundreds of boats at the marina.  This one is about the average size. 

They do have houseboats you can rent for 7 days at the low price of $12,900.  Of course you can rent a smaller one for just $9,000 for the week.  Maybe next year, after Mike wins the lottery.  He will have to start buying tickets to win I guess.




Saturday, March 28, 2009

Antelope Canyon

Friday March 27th

Well I stole the keys to the blog and here I go again. The only time I do this is when I get loose with the camera so I don't have to do much typing.

Today was boys day out again, this time it was just me. I got in the truck and headed into town to Antelope Slot Canyon Tours. The canyon you are about to see pictures of is on Navajo land and can only be seen with a guide. The canyon was first discovered by a Navajo girl who was herding sheep in the area in 1931. The canyon is 130 ft. deep and is about 1/4 mile long. Sandy has set up a link to a sight were you can view all the pictures. I took 124 in all, but I edited out the ones that didn't come out so good. I will post some of them and you can go to the link to view the rest.

DSC_0006 DSC_0007

This is the opening shots of the canyon.




This is the couple I did the tour with, she was from Russia and he was from Croatia. They now live in Boston and are on vacation.





When I got back to the MH there was a kite being flown not to far from us. Not that hard to do with the winds we have been having.



Also a brother of the Aerbus (the model of our MH) had shown up for a visit, they parked closer to the lake, not sure if that’s a good idea with the winds we have been having here.

Click here to see the rest of the canyon pictures

When you get to the web site for the pictures click on slideshow in the upper left.

Mike did not do everything in this blog I do all the fancy stuff, and correct his spelling. 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wahweap Campground and Marina

Thursday March 26th

We had to check out the campground that was charging $46.00 a night.  It is just up the road from us about 5 miles.


There are about 200 campsites very small and close together.  You would have to drive to the lake and Marina area.


The Ravens liked the campground they were everywhere.


Most of the boating on the lake is done with house boats.  You can rent them at Wahweap and other marinas on Lake Powell.

Went into town today and did laundry and grocery shopping.  Prices in small towns sure are high, I know they are high everywhere but small towns are really pricey.  

I have a few of my favorite pictures that I have not put in any blogs so I will insert them into this one. 

This area is called Balance Rock and is near Lees Ferry.



These rocks appear to be balanced on a pedestal, but the pedestal is of weaker rock which has worn away at a much faster pace than the solid rocks above.  Geologists say it’s only a matter of time before the rocks fall. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glen Canyon Bridge and Dam, Page AZ

Wednesday March 25th

Another day another tour.  I think I have been on enough tours for awhile.  Okay one more.

Glen Canyon Dam is on the Colorado River, and forms Lake Powell.  It  was constructed between 1956 and 1965. Glen Canyon Dam  The dam is 701 feet high and 1520 feet in length. 



Mike on top of the dam.

Our tour took us in an elevator down over 500 feet inside the dam.  To the generator area.  Wish I could tell more about the generators but I really didn’t listen that closely to our guide.  I was getting hungry and wanted to eat lunch. 



On top of the dam looking down.


Unlike Hoover Dam traffic does not cross the river over the dam.


The Glen Canyon Bridge which is 865 feet down river from the dam.  The road is 700 feet above the Colorado River.  The bridge construction was started in 1957 and finish 1959.  The bridge provided a way for workers equipment and supplies to cross the canyon during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.


We have been in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area the last few days.  Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon area.  The lake is 186 miles longs with sandy beaches and the red rock scenery is amazing. 

Not sure how long we are going to be here, lots to see and do, but the wind is just horrific. 




Lone Rock Camping

Tuesday March 24th


You can camp anywhere you want in this area.  We only have a couple of neighbors, but they are so far away they look like specks.  A few people come and go with Kayaks.  The Area is pretty secluded.   We can see a few fishermen on the lake.  This is a good time of year for crappies, most people come here for the bass fishing.



Stormy had some visitors stop by to see her.  DSC_0073

Oh boy these are bigger then the mouse I caught!  Dinner time.


I took a walk on the beach and Mike went into town to pick our mail up at the post office.  Twice a month we have it sent to us general delivery to a town we are close to.  Mail day is always so exciting, I love to get mail.  Our bills are paid on line so we never get any in the mail, and our mail forwarding service pretty much takes care of the junk mail, so what's left is all good stuff.

Well we almost never get bills in the mail unless it is a speeding ticket from the state AZ.  Mike got caught on camera when him and Steve went to the drag races in Phoenix.  $185.00, he was going 66 in a 55. Enough said I will never bring it up again.  HAHA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heading For Lower Elevation

Monday March 23, 2009

We woke up Monday morning the snow storm had past and the sun was shinning.  We had breakfast at Jacob Lake Inn, they were nice enough to let us stay in their parking lot so we would give them our business.  And besides we were hungry.


While eating breakfast we met a couple from South St. Paul, MN just across the river from our home,  Rick and Sue.  They were on a 2 week vacation and wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  They were very disappointed that the road was closed and could not get to it.  Rick owns a State Farm Insurance agency, not sure what Sue did.  We had a enjoyable time taking about all the adventures a person has when traveling.  Thanks for the company guys.


We left the top of the mountain about 10:30, most of the snow was melted on the roads and the plows did run all night, we know that for a fact.

Our next stop was Page AZ, but we found many things of interest to stop and see on the way.


Lees Ferry is down river from Glen Canyon Dam.  This natural corridor was the only place a wagon road could be built to connect Utah and Northeastern AZ.   This was the site of the first Colorado river crossing, 1873-1896. 



Most of the river is very calm, just a few spots were there are some rapids. 

Today Lees Ferry has a ranger station, campground, boat launch, dock and a fish cleaning station.  The campground is really nice but not set up for large MH. 


The campground is perfect for tents and small trailers.

Arrived in Page AZ late in the afternoon, we only drove 109 miles today but it seemed like forever.  Stopped at the visitor center to find a camping spot.  They had plenty of places to choose from.  The first one I called was $48.00 a night, I told her it was just a little bit out of my budget.  The second call was to a ranger station and they have camping at Lone Rock Recreational area for just $4.00 a night, that's the price I like, almost free.

Why do they call it Lone Rock?  There is rock right in the middle of Lake Powell.


I do have to mention Evil Kitty caught a mouse last night.  Mike was so proud he gave her extra treats.