Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Doctor Appointment

Wednesday January 20th 2010

When we were home over Christmas, I had an appointment with our family doctor, she did some blood work and found my liver and kidney functions were not what they should be.  She recommend I make a doctor appointment here in AZ to have things checked out.

As long as we were in the Phoenix area what better place to go then the Mayo Clinic.   I called and had an appointment in less the 2 weeks.  I saw the specialist and had some blood work done.  The results were not what we had expected, so back for more tests.  Feb. 1st I have an ultra sound on my liver and more blood work.  I will not know the results until the 8th of Feb. when I see the doctor again. 

The clinic is not close to our RV park, 48 miles north of Apache Junction.  My appointment was at 7am so we were on the road at 6:50, we were not sure what rush hour traffic would be like.  No problem we made it in just under and hour.  We were on the road home by 11 am. 

Everyone at the Mayo were wonderful, friendly and helpful.  If you look like you don’t know were your going someone is there to help you.

We stopped for lunch, I was starving after fasting for 30 hours.  I knew I would die if I didn’t eat soon. Now Mike is getting a little obsessed with the Dinner, Drive-In and Dives thing.  We stopped at another one, Matt’s big breakfast, and it was a huge breakfast and so good. 

P1040962  P1040963


We were lucky we arrived between breakfast and lunch, the place is very small and very popular.  The food was excellent and the staff was fun and friendly.  We had a wonderful time, it is a great place. 

Later that evening we went over to Dave and Sandi’s place for happy hour.


From left to right Sandi, Mike, Val, Lee Ann, Ken, Bob and Dave.  They have the perfect patio for happy hour. 


After happy hour Ken and Lee Ann stopped over for a game of Mexican train, which Mike won. 

The next two days the sky opened up and it rained and rained.  The wind blew, the rain blew and it was pretty nasty.  Highways were shut down, washes were flooded, trees were blown down, roofs came off houses.  In the end it was quite the mess.  Today it is warm and sunny.

Keeping Busy

We started the week with a visit to Tortilla Flat, a small town in the Superstition mountains.  Over a hundred years ago the place was a thriving stage coach stop on the Apache Trail. Travelers and Freight wagons stopped over night on the way to Roosevelt Dam.  In 1904 the population was 125, today 6 people live in Tortilla Flat.  Never made it as a thriving town I guess. 

We walked the town, which takes less then 5 minutes and then stopped in the restaurant for a hamburger.  The town and restaurant were more interesting then the food believe me.  

P1040956 P1040955

P1040948 P1040954


Every wall and empty space in the place has dollar bills attached.  The dollar bills are left by people from all over the world.  What you see today on the walls is the collection from May 1988 following the fire in 1987.  The custom started years ago because the local regulars who worked on the Salt River Dams used to pin up their card and dollar bill behind the bar.  then some of the tourists picked up on the idea.  Currencies from 67 countries are on the walls.

On our way to the flats we stopped at Canyon lake for the view.

P1040940 P1040943


It was an overcast day, but the rain did hold off for us.  They are still predicting a winter storm for this week.

Tuesday we did a little shopping and stopped at another Dinner Drive-In and Dives restaurant for a late lunch.  Joe’s Farm Grill.

P1040958  P1040961


Most of the ingredients are grown organically right on the farm.  Everything was exceptional and fresh tasting.  We ate outside in the picnic grounds.  They had some of the biggest trees I have ever seen in AZ.  We definitely will be coming back here for more meals. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Football Weekend

Sunday Jan. 17th 2010

Two football games Saturday and two on Sunday.  Football fans have to be in football heaven.  Ken and Lee Ann are at our MH watching the Vikings play today, so far a pretty good game, we are winning.  Lee Ann sister and brother-in-law stopped by for the first 2 quarters.  They are staying in a neighboring park.


The Vikings beat Dallas 34-3 what an exciting game.  Can’t wait until next week when we play the New Orleans Saints.  Should be another good game (if we win). 

The weather here is suppose to change to cold and rainy the next few days.  They are predicting 10 inches here in the Phoenix area over a five day period.  Maybe they will be wrong. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Time At The RV Park

Saturday Jan. 16th 2010

Saturday night was party time here at Twin Palms RV Park.  Dinner and a dance.  They served open faced hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cowl slaw, all for $5.00.  The band played until 10 pm and every one danced.  The party lasted well past 10.  Mike and I pooped out and went home about 9:30. 

P1040923    P1040925

Not sure who this couple is but they looked like they were having a good time. 

P1040926 P1040929

Mike should take the cork out of the bottle before trying to drink it.  The band turned out to be pretty good.

P1040935 P1040937

New and old friends, Sandy, Lee Ann and Val.  Do you think they were having a good time.  Sandy and Val are Canadians, but we figured we could still be friends with them.  Another picture of that women dancing with Ken, now you see why we call him Hottie, always has the women after him.

Mike is in his glory football games all weekend. 


Checking Out A MH

Wednesday Jan. 6th 2010

Wednesday was a busy day for us.  We started the day with breakfast in Phoenix at another Diners-Drive-In and Dives.  Over Easy was on our list of places to eat while here.  We really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.  They owner came over to spend a few minutes talking with us and telling the history of their restaurants. 

P1040891 P1040895

Ken and Lee Ann enjoying their breakfast.  Lee Ann had caramelized bananas over brioche French Toast.  She gave us all a taste and was it good.  The other picture is of the kitchen area.  Not sure what the pig is doing hanging from the ceiling.

After breakfast we did a little shopping, stopped at camping world and picked up a few items.  Next door was a MH dealership, and we had to go thru a few.  We found one we really liked, a 2006 37 foot Winnebago Adventurer. 

P1040901 P1040906

Bedroom and living room area.

P1040907 P1040909

Kitchen and dinning area

P1040912 P1040913

After spending the day shopping we were just to tired to make dinner, so we had to eat out again.  We stopped at a little place called Tres Bandores.  They serve Mexican/Italian/American food, and prices can’t be beat with the generous portions of food.  Ask for the special hot sauce, yum. With all the snowbirds down here you will have to wait in line for a short time.  It is just a few miles from the RV park so sure we will have a few meals here.

P1040917  P1040920


The first picture we are waiting in line to be seated.  As I was taking the picture some strange women came and put her arm around Ken, the hottie.  It took 2 guys to pour the margaritas', very tasty.  Another fun evening with friends. 

We are just looking and thinking about the MH not sure if we want the payments.  It will be discussed, and we will go over the pros and cons.  It has 3 slides and we have been wanting a larger bedroom.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Benson AZ to Apache Junction

We left Benson at 10 am to drive the 150 miles to Apache Junction.  It was an easy drive, the sun was shinning and it was another beautiful day here in the southwest.  Everybody is in their normal riding spots.  TT in on the dash, Stormy on her recliner and Mike in the drivers seat. 

P1040887 P1040888


We stopped in Florence AZ at a little restaurant, Old Pueblo for a quick lunch.  Mike and I both love Mexican food and this place had something we never had, Machca Tacos.  The meat is pulled dried beef, then is is reconstituted with onions, tomatoes and jalapeƱo peppers, oh so good.

P1040879  P1040875


We spent the evening with some old friends and new friends in the
Twin Palms Western RV Park.


LeeAnn, Ken, Bob, Val, Sandy, and Mike.  Everywhere we go we meet a new Sandy.  LeeAnn made us dinner, chicken tortillas. 

We had planned on a short stay here in Apache Junction and then head to Quartzsite for the RV Show, but our plans have changed.  We will be here for a couple of weeks, I have an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for some blood work.  The Flu really did a job on my body.  After that not sure where we will go.

We won’t mind staying here longer, we are having a great time.  Monday night we played Bingo, Wed afternoon Mike and LeeAnn played Texas holdum and Mike won. 


Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunrise And Sunset

Benson AZ Sunday Jan. 10th 2010

I woke up to the sunrise this morning, all I had to do was open my eyes and it was right there in my window.  It was an unbelievable site at 6:30am. Mike wanted me to take some pictures, but the bed was to warm and it was cold outside.  I just laid in bed and watched it do it’s thing, Mike rolled over and went back sleep.

It was a relaxing day we didn’t do to much, other then get things ready for our travels tomorrow to Phoenix.  We will miss Gordy and Jackie, they are headed to Vegas for a few days.  Hope to meet up with them later this winter. 

We watched the Green Bay, Cardinals game. It sure was a good game, lots of scoring with a total of 96 points.  The Cardinals won the game in overtime 51 to 45.  After the game Mike grilled some burgers for dinner and I made French fries, and beans.  Just a simple meal, but good. 

Onto Mike’s sunset pictures for the day. I think these are some of the best he has gotten, but then I think that of all the sunsets. 

DSC_0047  DSC_0054

DSC_0062 DSC_0063

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping Busy And Having Fun With Friends

The RV park put on a fish fry Friday night.  We invited Gordy and Jackie to join us in the club house for some delicious food.  We did have a few choices for our meal fish or chicken, fries or baked potatoes, cowl slaw and lots of deserts to choose from.  I baked a carrot cake from a box but it was really good.  Lots of fun and laughs were had by all.

Saturday we all went exploring, someone had told Gordy about a bar in Dragoon AZ that was built around a huge boulder.  Gordy and Jackie picked up in Gordy’s truck for the trip, he loves this truck. P1040864 

We didn’t really have good directions, so we stopped in the town of
Dragoon for directions, and had to back track a couple of miles.

saloon1 P1040865 

This is not just a saloon it is a ranch located in the foothills of the Dragoon mountains.  It is in a canyon with huge boulders surrounding the place.  It’s called the Triangle T Ranch.  The rock formations are unbelievable, thus the saloon built around one of the boulders.  P1040863   P1040870
The rock formation on the right, is suppose to look like Geronimo and his wife.  Not sure if I see it but Mike and Jackie could make it out. 

P1040869 P1040868

Our bartender on the right, was a character.  Had a good time talking to her.  We stayed for lunch, the food was not to bad.  The cook was the bartenders husband.   Not sure if he had ever cooked before but he gave it a pretty good try. 

Another good day with friends..