Monday, November 16, 2009

Mike And I Take A Road Trip And Lizzy Goes To State


Friday Mike and I headed down to southern MN, Fairmount, to pick up an awning for the slide on the MH.  300 miles round trip, wish we had been in the MH, you get a little spoiled traveling in comfort and a on board bathroom.  

P1040722 P1040725 We stopped for lunch at Grace’s Mexican Restaurant in Owatonna.  The food was unbelievable and moderately priced.  Mike had a chili burrito, does that look good or what.  Grace the owner waited on us, and at first Mike ordered a chimichanga, Grace said no if you have never eaten here before you have to have a chili burrito. Mike was not going to argue with her, and he order the burrito, turned out to be a good choice.  Grace told him next time he can order anything he wants.  I also had a burrito, that was so good. 

Our granddaughter Elizabeth swam in the finals for state swimming qualifications.  She swam in 4 events took a 1st place medal in 3 events and a 5th place medal in the 4th heat. 

In the girls 400 yard freestyle relay her and and the other 3 swimmers broke the sections record and the school record.  We are so proud of her.

The State finals are this weekend so you can bet Mike and I will be there cheering her and the team on.  She will be swimming in 3 events at state.

P1040739   She’s so fast it’s just a blur.  Or maybe grandma had the camera on the wrong setting. 


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day and Mikes Birthday

I want to thank all the men and women who served our country.  My son Rich Okeson who was in the Navy for 6 years and served during Desert Storm.  My dad Merlin McCalla who was in the Navy and served in World War 2.  My son-in-law Dave Skinner who retired from the Navy after serving 23 years and our Daughter Teresa Skinner who was in the Navy Reserves for 8 years.  And thanks to Mike a veteran who served in the Army in Vietnam. 

It was Mike’s birthday yesterday, I fixed him his favorite breakfast, and then made him go on a long walk.  Mike is not much of a walker, I have to pretty much bribe him with food or drink to get him to go with me. 

We have been getting the MH ready for our trip south, we cleaned the bays and threw out stuff we haven’t used in the last year.  Probably dumped 100 pounds or close to it Mike figures.  I also went thru our clothes and some of the drawers in the MH and dumped some more things. 

Mike and I  had fun on our weekend away. 

DSC_0038 DSC_0042

Mike and the guys at the deer shack.  To many to post all their names, sorry guys.  Maybe Mike will take care of that later.


The girls LeeAnn, Cheryl and Sharon.  It was the most lovely weekend, sunshine everyday.  The only problem was we had to drive into town to do our walk.  To many hunters in the woods around Cheryl’s house.  In fact we could see a couple in their deer stands when we sitting on the deck.  Woke up every morning to gun fire.  Hope some of the hunters were shooting at deer.

P1040715  P1040713

Our walk around the town of Pine City, MN. The lake in town was so calm and some of the trees still had color.  Not sure what the name of this tree is but it had beautiful berries on it yet.

P1040717   P1040718

I just loved this building it used to be a gas station years ago, and now is a real estate office.  The roof is all stone, I had never seen a stone roof before, I thought it was very interesting. 


Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Getting Out Of The Motor Home

Mike and I are going are gong our separate ways this weekend.  Mike is going to the deer shack in Hoveland, MN, with 15 other guys, to drink, talk stupid and lose his money playing poker.  Deer hunting season opens here in MN this weekend.  No one at the deer shack hunts, no one even brings a gun, just a guy get together.  Farting and belching will be the entertainment for the weekend, I’m sure.    

Me on the other hand is doing a girls weekend in Pine City, MN at our friends Cheryl's house.  We do this every year in November.  It will only be four of us, but we do have a good time. Lots of good food, we all bring something to share.  Unlike the guys we drink a moderate amount of wine, never talk stupid, only intelligent conversations take place.  As for gambling we play farckle much more fun.  Farting and belching I don’t think so, we are ladies and we would never think of doing that. 

What happens at Cheryl’s house stays at Cheryl’s house.  I will take pictures, but they will be edited before posting.  What can 4 ladies all in their 60’s do that would be so bad.  We will try to come up with something. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Deer Roast Instead Of a Pig Roast

Our son-in-law Mike cooked a deer on the pig roaster for dinner the other evening.  Unfortunately I missed it but Mike was able to go.

P1040686  P1040689

I really thought Mike would bring back some left over's, but no such luck. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.  That’s daughter Sherry in the foreground.  

Never saw a deer being roasted before, not a pretty sight.