Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leaving San Diego

Friday and Saturday March 26th and 27th 2010

As much as we loved San Diego there was much more to see down the road. P1050782

We are headed to San Clemente up the coast.  This is the first heavy traffic we ran into in California. 

P1050778 P1050780

Along the Pacific Coast Highway.  The higher you are on the hill the bigger your house.  It was a nice drive once we got thru the traffic.  We spent the night at the Wal-Mart in San Clemente, much quieter then the RV park in San Diego.

We got up early Saturday, had a full day planned.  A little site seeing and then off to the beach for a afternoon of sun and relaxation.

Our first stop was San Juan Capistrano, home of the oldest building in California still in use, a Chapel built in 1782.

P1050806  P1050795

The miracle of the Swallows of Capistrano takes place each year at the mission on March 19th St. Joseph’s Day.  The Cliff swallows fly from Goya Argentina each spring to nest in the walls of the old mission.  At summers end on the day of San Juan October 23, they fly back to Goya. 



P1050802 P1050801


Leaving San Juan we drove up the coast to Laguna Beach.  Thirty-five years ago when I was here it was a small town no spot lights an artist community.  I was in shock, a nice place to visit, but boy is it a tourist town now.

After leaving Laguna we headed back to San Clemente to spend the rest of the day on the beach. 


I saw this license plate and had to get a picture, only in California. “FROMMYX”.  Click on the Picture to enlarge.

P1050809 P1050813

Mike’s beach attire.  We did spend the day reading, relaxing, and watching the surfers and sail boats go by. 

That evening we headed back to Wal-Mart  for the night.  In the morning we will be leaving California and heading to Joshua Tree National Park.  


Monday, March 29, 2010

Balboa Park And A Welcome Home Party For The USS Nimitz

Thursday March 25th 2010

Donna, Mike and I spent the day at San Diego’s Balboa Park.  Rita spent the day with her granddaughter who lives on Coronado Island.

Balboa Park is made up of more than 1000 acres and offers fifteen museums, various gardens, arts and international culture centers, as well as the San Diego Zoo.

Many of the museums along Balboa Park’s streets are housed in Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, originally built for the 1915-1919 Panama-California Exposition. It was the first time that this architectural style had  been used in the US.

P1050739 P1050741

The conservatory and grounds, unfortunately the conservatory is closed on Thursdays.  We could only walk around and admire the building from the outside.

P1050744 P1050745 

Pictures of the Japanese Friendship Garden.

P1050755 P1050761

More flowers and the Bell Tower.

P1050767 One of the many buildings that house the museums.DSC_0039

P1050765 P1050766

Sandwiches in the park, I don’t believe there is a more beautiful place to have a picnic lunch.


Mike took this picture of a mask in the Museum Of Man.  He didn’t get any history on it, but I thought it deserved a place in the blog.


The landing capsule from Apollo 9 in the Air And Space Museum.


A Indian motorcycle in the History of Automobiles Museum.

That evening the four of us were invited to a pre-homecoming party for the USS Nimitz on the USS Midway.  Rita’s granddaughter is married to a sailor aboard the Nimitz, and she invited us along. 


Friday morning at 5:30 am Donna and Rita left for the actual homecoming of the Nimitz.  I said my goodbyes Friday night , but Mike got and saw them off. 

Another great day!  Who thought you could have so many in a row.  Thanks to Donna and Rita for being our personal Tour guides.  And sorry about the cats, they do like to play at night, and your bed was in the middle of their runway.  Hope you got some sleep.   

A Day On Coronado Island CA

Wednesday March 24th 2010

We spent the day shopping and site seeing on the island of Coronado. 
San Diego and the surrounding area is the most amazing place.  I can see why so many people live there, everything is clean and green, people seem to take pride in their town.

Our first stop was the Hotel del Coronado, rich in history and beautiful.  An Historic landmark for more than 120  years.

Eleven US presidents spent time at the Del starting with Benjamin Harrison in 1891.  One of the resorts most famous visitor was England's Prince of Whales in 1920.  He would later become King Edward VIII. He gave up the throne in 1936 to marry Coronado divorcee Wallis Spencer Simpson.

Of course many Hollywood celebrities' have stayed at the Del. Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon made the movie some like it hot at the hotel.  Others that stayed were Brad Pitt and Madonna.

What Victorian resort would be complete without a ghost?  Kate Morgan checked into the resort in 1892 and never checked out.  Many reports of ghostly happenings have been circulating at the Del ever since.

P1050696 P1050698

P1050702 P1050707

The chandelier and flowers in the lobby were breathtaking.

DSC_0208  DSC_0201

The bar off the main lobby.  I just could not resist the white sand beach and the ocean.

P1050718  P1050712

Mike and Donna do a little relaxing while Rita and I did some shopping.  I tried to spend some of Mike’s money, but couldn’t find something I really wanted, or I could afford.  Also a shot the San Diego from the Island.

We drove to the island but took the fairy back to San Diego.  Mike wanted to tour the USS Midway and the girls and I were going to do more shopping.

DSC_0237 DSC_0238

The USS Midway was Lunched on March 20th 1945.  Decommissioned in San Diego on April 11th, 1992 and is now a museum.


First Kiss, in Times Square is a famous photograph by Albert Eisenstaedt that portrays an American Sailor kissing a woman in Times Square on V-J day August 14th 1945. 


Peddle power, a bicycle pulling us around the pier, and our fairy ride.

We took the fairy back to Coronado Island to pick up the car and head back to the MH.  Another great day in San Diego. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Tuesday March 23, 2010

We spent all day Tuesday at the Wild Animal Park.  Started out with the tram ride around the park to see the large animals.

P1050548 P1050547

P1050568 P1050555

This guy was watching us as we were waiting for the tram.

P1050576 P1050579

The giraffes were my favorite, and I can identify them, must of the animals I have forgotten what they are, Mike was no help.  Sorry.

P1050584 P1050587

A water buffalo with her baby.  Pretty sure the baby was called a cow.

On to the birds.

DSC_0194  DSC_0191

The Green Winged Macaw and the Hyacinth Macaw, two beautiful birds.  I think they posed for the camera.

DSC_0031 DSC_0105

Red-knobbed Hornbill and West African Crowned Crane.

DSC_0132 DSC_0165

Demoiselle Crane, enlarge the picture and check out it’s red eye.  The last of the bird pictures the pink flamingo.

P1050608 DSC_0098

Mike’s sister Donna, Mike and Rita.  Lunch time.

A few of my flower pictures.

DSC_0111 DSC_0141

The purple flowers picture would have been nicer without the no smoking sign.

P1050542 P1050614




This is just a small portion of the pictures we took, after looking at these you will never have to see another animal park.

We had such a good day, some much fun and many many laughs.