Monday, March 29, 2010

Balboa Park And A Welcome Home Party For The USS Nimitz

Thursday March 25th 2010

Donna, Mike and I spent the day at San Diego’s Balboa Park.  Rita spent the day with her granddaughter who lives on Coronado Island.

Balboa Park is made up of more than 1000 acres and offers fifteen museums, various gardens, arts and international culture centers, as well as the San Diego Zoo.

Many of the museums along Balboa Park’s streets are housed in Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, originally built for the 1915-1919 Panama-California Exposition. It was the first time that this architectural style had  been used in the US.

P1050739 P1050741

The conservatory and grounds, unfortunately the conservatory is closed on Thursdays.  We could only walk around and admire the building from the outside.

P1050744 P1050745 

Pictures of the Japanese Friendship Garden.

P1050755 P1050761

More flowers and the Bell Tower.

P1050767 One of the many buildings that house the museums.DSC_0039

P1050765 P1050766

Sandwiches in the park, I don’t believe there is a more beautiful place to have a picnic lunch.


Mike took this picture of a mask in the Museum Of Man.  He didn’t get any history on it, but I thought it deserved a place in the blog.


The landing capsule from Apollo 9 in the Air And Space Museum.


A Indian motorcycle in the History of Automobiles Museum.

That evening the four of us were invited to a pre-homecoming party for the USS Nimitz on the USS Midway.  Rita’s granddaughter is married to a sailor aboard the Nimitz, and she invited us along. 


Friday morning at 5:30 am Donna and Rita left for the actual homecoming of the Nimitz.  I said my goodbyes Friday night , but Mike got and saw them off. 

Another great day!  Who thought you could have so many in a row.  Thanks to Donna and Rita for being our personal Tour guides.  And sorry about the cats, they do like to play at night, and your bed was in the middle of their runway.  Hope you got some sleep.   

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