Monday, March 8, 2010

Stranded In The Desert

Yes , we made it to Yuma, but a few hours late.  The washes were not drying up enough to get the rigs out to the highway.  Another round of rain was due to pass over us about 1:30 and we didn’t want to hang around for that.  Marty took a chance and left first, he  found an alternate route to the highway that was passable.  We lined up the 8 MH and made it out, just as the rain started again.

P1050094 P1050095

The big meeting before we left.  As you can see the sky was pretty threatening.

P1050101  Move um out, the caravan lining up.

P1050099  P1050100

The water sitting doesn’t look too bad, but a half hour before this is was a rushing river.

P1050103 P1050105

This was a two lane blacktop road, now it is nothing but mud and sitting water.  There was less than an inch of rain overnight, but in the desert there is no place for the water to go.  Flooding is very common out here. 


The road coming from the highway was barricaded, we had to drive around the barricades to get to the highway.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Good posting, Sandy. We DID get out at the right time. Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Keep writing, Sandy. It makes my day. Quite a life I have, eh? Idaho