Friday, March 5, 2010

We Are In California

Ken and Lee Ann had us over for our last meal in Apache.  Ken made ribs and sliced sweet potatoes on the grill.  Oh so good.

Yes we left Apache Junction this morning.  We were at the RV dealers at 8:30 am to get my microwave installed and a few other minor repairs to the new MH.  Gordy and Jackie stopped by the RV dealer this morning to say goodbye. 

We are just a few miles into Calif. just outside of Yuma in the desert doing some boondocking.  We met up with Bobbie and Jim, Marty and a few other couples that we met for the first time today. 

The MH preformed great, we drove 220 miles today with no problem and averaged 7 miles to the gallon.  Mike says it handles good on the highway.  Not sure what is planned for tonight, but I know I will be in bed early.  Traveling days make me really tired.

Sunday we should be meeting up with Charles and Nancy and Steve and Sandy so we can go into the Yuma Fair Grounds together for the rally. 


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