Sunday, May 23, 2010

At The Lake and TT

Grand Rapids MN.

Wednesday we left family and friends and headed for one of my favorite places in the world, Big Balsam Camp and Resort.  As you remember from my blogs last year I have been coming here since I was 5 years old with my family. 

My kids and grandkids now spend part of the summer here fishing, hiking swimming and just having a good time.  My dad did spend Memorial weekend with us a few years ago, it had been some time since he was here.   Many of our friends and their kids and grandkids also come for long weekends.  This coming holiday weekend will be one of those times, should be about 20 to 25 of us, and pretty sure we will be having a good time.

When we returned home from our winter travels our cat TT was rediscovering his yard and one night he didn’t return.  Mike spent some time looking for him and found TT in the field next to the house.  We think it was a dog that got him.  He is so missed.  TT was one of the best cats we had.  No offense Stormy your a good cat too, just a little witchy.   



Monday, May 17, 2010

Back To Blogging

I have no excuse just was taking a brake from the computer for a couple of weeks, and besides I had nothing to blog about.

We are back in MN, the weather has been cold and rainy.  This week is going to be warm and sunny, so says the weatherman.  Sometimes they get the forecast right.

Been visiting with my Dad, the kids and grandkids.  Everyone is doing good. 

Our son Rich and is wife will be moving to Salt Lake City Utah in June.  He will be working for the same company and have the same position.  The company will be closing the end of the year here in MN, he wanted to get a jump on the move.

Granddaughter Elizabeth is graduating from high school in June.  She will be attending St. Thomas College in the fall.  Ryan, Lizzy brother is our oldest grandchild, he is working for a landscape company and loving it. 

Granddaughter Amanda just finished her second year at the University Of Minnesota.  Her brother Matt our youngest grandchild will be going into the 10th grade this fall.

Our daughters and their husbands are doing a great job raising our grandchildren, we are so proud of all our kids and grandkids.

We will be spending part of the summer at the lake again this summer, Mike is looking forward to catching the big one.