Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Special

We watched the Christmas Special on PBS, Christmas In Yellowstone, Wednesday night.  What a beautiful show.  If it repeats I highly recommend it.  While we were watching the show Lucy our kitty got pretty engrossed in the animals.

P1080795  P1080796


We have tried to teach her not to sit so close to the TV, it is bad for your eyes, she didn’t listen.

Christmas is very special to us.  I believe it is a time for many things, forgiveness being one.  Forgive everyone everything, I know that is a hard thing for many people to do, but imagine if we all could just do that one thing, wouldn’t your life be better, it is much easier to love and be loved, then it is to hate or be angry.  Try to forgive someone this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas

Christmas Lights

Nothing I like better then looking at looking at Christmas lights.  People told us about the Mormon Temple on Main Street in Mesa.  I just figured a few lights, but no 7 million lights, WOW. 

P1080758  P1080760

P1080761 P1080762

P1080766 P1080767 

P1080768 P1080774


After the Mormon Temple we stopped at a church in Mesa, they had a few lights, but nothing like the Temple.

P1080783 P1080785

Did I tell you I love Christmas lights.

We put up a tree in the motorhome and decorated the outside this year.

P1080714 P1080717

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fiesta Of Lights Parade Phoenix

Dec 4 2011

Last night we got our winter coats, hat and mittens out to drive 40 miles in the rain to see a Christmas parade.  In MN it would have been snow, so guess we are thankful it wasn’t 20 below zero.

P1080672   DSC_0235

It’s not all sunshine and sunsets down here in the desert.  Not sure what the total rain fall was but sure it was over an inch.  This was not one of those nice light warm rains, I know I saw some flurries mixed in with the rain.

Up until the last few days we have had perfect weather in the 70s low 80s and lots of sunshine.

We had a nice thanksgiving with friends here in the park, with a turkey and all the trimmings.  


finally we found the sun.

DSC_0246  DSC_0244

A Cinderella story

DSC_0234  DSC_0240

Floats were made from cars to semis with many tractors.

DSC_0258 P1080712

We may have been popsicles when we got home, but it sure was fun.  Love a parade.