Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Getting Tired Of Hearing About Our Rain?

Monday June 29th Big Balsam Camp and Resort

I really am getting tired of telling you about the rain.  I think Tuesday we will have some sunshine.  Mike is not doing much fishing, he is a fair weather fishermen.  The people going out are doing pretty good, lots of northern being caught.  Some of the guys staying at the resort went to a different lake today and came back with some really nice walleyes. 

I went to town today, Grand Rapids, did some shopping and got my hair cut.  The lady cutting my hair said she had never seen a women with such fine, thin hair.  She should have just kept her mouth shut because she just kept going on and on about how thin it was.  Gee I think I know it is very thin.  She didn’t get much of a tip.  I guess I could have given her a tip, don’t tell someone with thin hair how thin it is, they know.  Just a little rant.

Must be the weather getting to me, I want the sun. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Friends Come for Dinner

Sunday June  28th 2009 Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Today was a blustery day, the sun wanted to come out but never happened for any period of time.  We got peeks of it now and then. 

We had a million mosquitoes in the MH last night, not sure why, but I think there must have been a new hatching and Stormy left them all in.  She never closes the door after her.  They pretty much kept us awake most of the night. We finally gave up and got out of bed about 5:30 AM.  There is no reason to ever be out of bed at that time. 

Friends from Washington are staying at the resort for 2 weeks, they have been coming up here for about 13 years.  We have gotten to know them pretty well.  David and Joan Hunn live just south of Seattle.



After dinner it clear up for a while and we were able to sit outside before it got to cold.  David and Joan are staying in cabin 8 across the lake.


Normally you can drive from the cabin to our side of the lake, but today we had gust of wind up to 50 mph.  Some trees got blown down onto the road, and had the road blocked.


It had started to rain again so David and Joan headed home.  Mike is pushing them off.  We had a great dinner and lots of laughs. 


June 28th and people are back in their winter jackets.  It has been very cool the last few days.  Not to worry it will warm up.


After our guest went home we got in the truck and did a little 4 wheeling thru the meadow to see the downed tree on the road.  We ran into the deer feeding in the meadow.  They are so striking standing watching us.  


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clouds And Rain On And Off

Saturday June 27th 2009 Big Balsam Camp and Resort

The day started with rain and continued off and on most of the  day.  The   nice thing the temp stayed pretty cool, which made it nice for cleaning cabins today.  That’s done for another week.

Mike had a pretty easy day, he helped a camper launch his boat and got a load of wood for him.  Then he helped Gordy take a broken chair out of the lodge.  After all that Mike and Stormy got a nap in

We are thinking about going to town either Sunday or Monday.  Need a few food items and ink for the printer. 

That's it folks not a very exciting day.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Days Just Keep Getting Better

Friday June 26th Big Balsam Camp and Resort

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, I sat outside and did some reading and a little beading.  I finished a necklace I started a few months back. Still working on the bracelet is started this week, I should finish it today.



I love the colors, turned out pretty good. 

There is nothing better then sitting outside the MH and watching the kids swimming in the lake and the fishermen in their boats going out to get the catch of the day.  Another perfect day.  Can you tell I love it at the lake.

Mike is delivering flyers to all the cabins on the lake for our 2nd annual flotilla.  We have everyone meet in the bay in front of the resort and go once around the lake.  We had 20 boats participate last year, all decorated for the 4th of July holiday. 

After the boat parade Gordy and Jackie (the owners of the resort) have an old fashion picnic in the campground for all the guests staying at the resort.  In the evening Gordy puts on a huge fireworks display that will rival any small town celebration. 

Went to dinner tonight at the Scenic Pines Restaurant.  I would like to give a good revue but in my opinion the food is just not that good, and a bit over priced.  Place has great atmosphere and the staff is very friendly, and we had wonderful service.  Mike had a fried chicken dinner, the chicken very dry no moisture left in it at all.  I had a parmesan chickens sandwich, the bun was so big I had a difficult time finding the chicken.  I think we will stick with burgers they make a pretty good hamburger.










Friday, June 26, 2009

The Wild Flowers Are In Bloom

Thursday June 25th 2009.   Big Balsam Camp And Resort                                     

Took a ride to the Balsam Store which is only 7 miles from the resort instead of going 30 some miles to town.  The meadows and ditches along the roads were covered with wildflowers.  They are in full bloom.  Who would have thought anything could be so beautiful, it was picture perfect.


The picture above is the meadow along the driveway to the resort.  Check out the sky is that a beauty.  A perfect picture and perfect day.


Wish I had a book on wildflowers, then I could tell you what is growing.  The only one I know is the white daisies.  The yellow flowers in the picture above are a very bright butter yellow. 




Lots of the orange flowers, they are a very bright orange.


All the pictures are taken along the road going to the resort. 

Mike and Al went fishing again last night and caught 6 more northern and more sun fish and crappies.  On the 4th of July Gordy and Jackie have a BBQ from all the guests.  Gordy does the fish on the grill.  Mike and Al are catching the fish for the 4th picnic.  My right shoulder is still to sore to do any fishing, I go back to the doc July 13th and hopefully things will be improving and I can get some fishing time in.  

The weather has been just perfect the last couple of days, a little windy today but not to bad.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Typical Day AT The Lake

Wednesday June 24th Big Balsam Camp and Resort Grand Rapids, MN

I put a link above to the resort. Take a look it is a great place to fish and relax and have tons of fun.  Mike and I are so lucky we are able to spent our summers here.  The owners Gordy and Jackie are just the best people, they make you feel right at home. 

Woke up to cool and sunny morning, so I thought it would be a good day to do a little house cleaning.  Cleaned a few windows and screens did some dusting and just general deep cleaning.  About 11:00 it started to warm up so I was finished for the day. 

Now I can work on the bracelet I’m making.  I do quit a bit of beading, Mike says I have way to many beads, and  it puts us over the weight limit .  You can never have to many beads, of course I couldn’t possibly use them all in my life time, but I sure will have fun trying. 

It is such a calm day the lake is like glass, it is so quiet, the birds are singing and chirping away.  Mike got a picture of more wildlife today, our little red squirrel.  He sits in the tree and yells at stormy, I just don’t think Stormy is somebody he wants to get to know. 


As peaceful as it is today, last night at 11:00 PM some of the guests decided it was a good time to light  some fireworks, the same people who couldn’t find the outside light switch the other night.   This went on until midnight, sure hope they lit them all last night and don’t have any left for tonight.  Most of the time people are very considerate and follow the 10:00 PM quite time rule.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Anniversary

Tuesday June 23, 2009 Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Nineteen years we have been married.  Truly the best years of my life.  I was very lucky when I met Mike and fell in love with him.  He is also very lucky to have me as his wife.  Our first date I asked him out, I  got tired of waiting for him to ask me.  I guess he was shy, or playing hard to get.  Everything is history after that first date.  What a great guy.  

We had fish marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled, and a potato salad made with vinegar and mustard, oh so good.  Mike and our neighbor Al grilled the fish and they did a fine job.  Gordy and Jackie were gone for the day so we pretty much just hung around the resort.

The day started sunny and warm, by afternoon it had clouded up and rained for about an hour.  The sun came back about 2:00 and boy did it get humid again.  I think the temp topped out at 89. 

I started beading a new bracelet for a friend just about got it done, just a few more things to add to it.  I will take a picture and post it when it is finished.   Also started a new book, Killing Floor by Lee Child, another new author for me.  Mike just finished reading the book and really enjoyed it. 

Mike is back to taking pictures of the sunsets and here is one from the other night.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heat and more Heat

Monday June 22, 2009 Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

The temp peeked at 91 today, and was it humid.  Rained most of Sunday night into Monday morning.  When the sun came out it just got plain hot and muggy. 

Mike went fishing with our neighbor Al, they came back with 6 northern and a few sun fish and crappies.  Fish dinner Tuesday night.  We are going to marinade the fish and cook them on the grill. 

I finished the book Blood Lure, by Nevada Barr.  The 10th book in the series.  Very good, Anna Pigeon is the main character, she’s a National Park Ranger.  Every book takes place in a different National Park, the author gives you some history on each park.  Of course there is a murder that takes place and Anna is always in the thick of it.  She’s really good at her job, solves all the murders. 

I had my camera outside with me and got some pictures of the wildlife in the area. 


We try to keep the geese off the beach and grassy areas, they leave a  squishy mess.


Much better if they stay in the water.  I think I counted 13 babies.  Busy parents.


A humming bird coming in for a landing.


He made his landing and drank his fill.  I just love watching the humming birds, they chase each other and look like little dive bombers. 

It really was to hot to do much today so we just hung around the MH most of the day.  About five I had to turn on the air conditioning on I was getting over heated.

We had a knock on our door at 10:20 PM, one of the guests  couldn’t find the outside light switch.  They wanted to play a bean bag game outside.  Mike went up and turned their light on for them and we went back to bed.  Not sure how late they stayed up, but pretty sure they had a good time. 


Monday, June 22, 2009

Back At The Lake And Happy Fathers Day

Sunday June 21, Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids MN

First off I want to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Day.  He is the best dad any daughter could ask for, a wonderful man.

We left the cities on Friday after my physical therapy appointment.  Still trying to get my right shoulder in shape.  I have an exercise program to follow everyday, hopefully it will help. 

Before we left for the lake I took some pictures of the cats next door, there are five of them, I only have pictures of three. 


Tee Tee is just a kitty about 3 months old.  She wanted to come with us but mean Mike said no.  She would sneak into the MH every chance she could.  Stormy was never happy when Tee Tee made it through the door. 


I call these the Bad A_ _ cats.  They look really mean,  but are really just the sweetest cats. 


This is our parking spot at the house.  We worked out an agreement with the renters that we will park here when we are in town. 

It is really nice to be at the lake.  Got back in time for turn over on Saturday.  It was pretty warm so cleaning cabins was a hot job.  Sure felt good to take a shower that afternoon.

Mike caught a 35 inch 12 pound northern Friday evening.  He came in pretty excited, sorry no pictures the camera was forgotten.  Northerns between 24-36 inches have to released in this lake.    

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy At Home

Wednesday June 17th Maplewood, MN

We have been home for a week and a half, doing our yearly physicals.  Mike is about as healthy as a 61 year old can get.  Me just get the gun and shoot me.  High blood pressure high cholesterol.  I have been going to physical therapy for my right shoulder, torn rotator cuff.  I have to see a surgeon when we come back in July and have a growth removed off my left arm.  Of course the doctor would like me to loose 20 pounds, and we all now how easy that is.   More meds then I want to talk about.  Other then that I feel great. 

Now to the good news we have the house rented a years lease.  Nice young couple with a couple of kids, one a 4 month old baby.  They move in the first of July, sure do hope everything works out okay.

We have been busy doing last minute things on the house, I think we just about have it taken care of.

Not much time left for visiting with family and friends, but we did get out to dinner one night with neighbors Ken and LeeAnn.  Our son Rich and his wife Marion had a dinner party with a South African theme lots of people and some really good food and wine.  Marion had the house decorated in an African theme also.  When she lived in Hawaii she put on theme parties, so she is really good at it. 


We had dinner at Phil's Tara Hideaway in Stillwater MN, with Ken and LeeAnn.  Looks like a little log cabin, before they remolded, it was a very old log cabin building. The food is absolutely fantastic, and the prices are not bad.


Very intimate, not much room to move around.


The bar area, the blue thing hanging form the ceiling is a upside down toboggan.  Not sure why maybe to slid rowdy people out the door, and down the hill. 

After Dinner we went back to their house to play our favorite dice game farkle.  I lost $2.50, Mike was the big winner for the night $17.00. 

We did get together with dad and the Wednesday morning breakfast group this morning.  Always so much fun and lots of laughs. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mike And Sandy In Charge

Saturday June 6th, Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Gordy and Jackie are gone until Monday, and we are in charge again.  Saturday is change over, check out time is 9AM and Check in time is 3PM.  People like to get an early start on their vacation so we have a few guest like show up at 1 or 1:30 not to much of a problem.  Hopefully we already have their cabin cleaned or are in the process of cleaning, but they don’t mind waiting. 

We had all the cabins cleaned by 2:30 and Mike had his chores done, the garbage, and a few toilet problems in some of the cabins, but everything went fine.   I started the laundry which consists of sheets from the cabins, all of which are 2 and 3 bedrooms, plus a hide-a-bed.   I did some on Saturday and will finish up on Sunday. 

Everyone got checked into the cabins and most of them went out fishing in spite of the weather.  Mostly cloudy and drizzly.  The fishermen all came in with lots of fish to clean, and very happy. 

In the evening Mike delivered fire wood to some of the cabins, everyone loves to sit around a campfire in the evening.  A few marshmallows were roasted and toasted. 

The Incident, Mike A Fish A Mosquito And A Filet Knife

Thursday, June 4th, Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Mike my never clean another fish, he caught just a couple of fish Thursday night and proceeded to clean them.  A mosquito wanted to help by irritating Mike.  As you know from previous posts the little buggers just love Mike’s blood.  He had the filet knife in his right hand brought his left hand up to swat the mosquito and the left hand and filet knife came in contact.  A big gash on the top of his left hand.  Now he really needs a blood transfusion, boy did he bleed just like a stuck pig. or is it stuffed pig, what ever.  A trip to the emergency room in Grand Rapids at 8:30 PM.  By the time we got to the hospital a 45 minute drive it had stopped bleeding.  He was so lucky no stitches they were able to glue it with Dermabond. 

He was able to forgo the pain from the Novocain and stitches, just the tetanus shot bothered him.  He is on the mend and the doctor didn’t think he would need a transfusion.  The doctor and nurses really got a kick out of Mike and how he got wounded, they do get a lot of fish stories, but thought his was one of the best.  I bet they tell all their patients that. 

I believe he will live to clean another fish.   

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still At The Lake

Thursday, June 4th Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Today is my youngest daughter Teresa’s birthday, she is 40.  Yesterday was my oldest daughter Sherry’s birthday she is 42, boy I must be getting old to have kids that age. No I’m not old I was just very very young when they were born. Happy Birthday girls, love you.

The weekend in charge went okay, the guests all seemed to have what they needed.  Gordy and Jackie arrived back at the resort on Monday, nothing blew up or burned down, so they were happy.  We get to do it all over again this weekend.  I forgot to mention that we had quite a few people from out of state staying at the resort.  Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, California, Iowa, and a couple from Minnesota.

I finally got out fishing with Mike, he caught all the fish I did get a couple of small ones but nothing that was big enough to put in the net.  Mike went out fishing by himself Wednesday evening and caught some really nice size crappies.  Guess who is cleaning the fish, Mike, do I feel good about that.



The lake was so calm this evening not a ripple on the water.


Nothing sexier then a man fishing or driving a boat.  Mike reads my blog every morning, maybe I will get lucky when he reads this one. (By lucky I mean he might make dinner tonight).  My dad and kids read the blog.


I lone loon, I think it lost it’s mate because he is always by himself.  Loons do mate for life, maybe he will find someone new. 

Tuesday night we had buffalo burgers for dinner, our friends Ken and LeeAnn left us a pound of ground buffalo when they were here Memorial weekend.  Mike cooked them on the grill and were they ever delicious.  Over the long weekend Ken and LeeAnn had cooked up some buffalo steak and buffalo roast, we thoroughly enjoyed the meat.  Thanks guys.

Tonight we had crappies for dinner. sure love fresh fish, and they were very good, sure hope Mike brings more in tonight.

Mike has been helping our neighbor Al with his canopy over his trailer.  They started it last year and Mike is helping putting the finishing touches on it.


  Mike and Al working on the trailer cover.  I did mention I would like one for the MH here at the lake.  Or at least a nice big deck. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mike And Sandy IN Charge..OH BOY

Saturday March 30th

I got up early 6:45, that’s really early for me.  It’s Saturday and cabin cleaning time.  This year there is 4 of us cleaning and Jackie finally is not on cleaning duty.  Although she does all the bedding for the 10 cabins and that’s a lot of bedding.  I did some of bedding this Sat. with Jackie and Gordy going out of town for the weekend.

The resort made it through the first day with Mike and I in charge no major problems, everyone got checked in and settled in the cabins.  And then it started to rain, and it rained pretty good for a couple of hours.  The guests didn’t go fishing until after 7PM. 

Friday night the temps got down in the low 30s and didn’t warm up much on Sat. maybe in the middle 50s.  Everybody had on jackets sweatshirts and rain jackets to keep warm and dry.  We started a fire in our fire pit last night so we could sit outside and keep a little warm.  Mike is going to need a blood transfusion pretty soon, the mosquitoes really enjoy his blood.  He said he is getting weaker by the day, the darn blood suckers.  They pretty much leave me alone, guess I’m not sweet enough for them. I don’t ever remember the mosquitoes  being this bad this early in the year, but they problely  have been.

Tomorrow is another day.