Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still At The Lake

Thursday, June 4th Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Today is my youngest daughter Teresa’s birthday, she is 40.  Yesterday was my oldest daughter Sherry’s birthday she is 42, boy I must be getting old to have kids that age. No I’m not old I was just very very young when they were born. Happy Birthday girls, love you.

The weekend in charge went okay, the guests all seemed to have what they needed.  Gordy and Jackie arrived back at the resort on Monday, nothing blew up or burned down, so they were happy.  We get to do it all over again this weekend.  I forgot to mention that we had quite a few people from out of state staying at the resort.  Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, California, Iowa, and a couple from Minnesota.

I finally got out fishing with Mike, he caught all the fish I did get a couple of small ones but nothing that was big enough to put in the net.  Mike went out fishing by himself Wednesday evening and caught some really nice size crappies.  Guess who is cleaning the fish, Mike, do I feel good about that.



The lake was so calm this evening not a ripple on the water.


Nothing sexier then a man fishing or driving a boat.  Mike reads my blog every morning, maybe I will get lucky when he reads this one. (By lucky I mean he might make dinner tonight).  My dad and kids read the blog.


I lone loon, I think it lost it’s mate because he is always by himself.  Loons do mate for life, maybe he will find someone new. 

Tuesday night we had buffalo burgers for dinner, our friends Ken and LeeAnn left us a pound of ground buffalo when they were here Memorial weekend.  Mike cooked them on the grill and were they ever delicious.  Over the long weekend Ken and LeeAnn had cooked up some buffalo steak and buffalo roast, we thoroughly enjoyed the meat.  Thanks guys.

Tonight we had crappies for dinner. sure love fresh fish, and they were very good, sure hope Mike brings more in tonight.

Mike has been helping our neighbor Al with his canopy over his trailer.  They started it last year and Mike is helping putting the finishing touches on it.


  Mike and Al working on the trailer cover.  I did mention I would like one for the MH here at the lake.  Or at least a nice big deck. 

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