Monday, June 1, 2009

Mike And Sandy IN Charge..OH BOY

Saturday March 30th

I got up early 6:45, that’s really early for me.  It’s Saturday and cabin cleaning time.  This year there is 4 of us cleaning and Jackie finally is not on cleaning duty.  Although she does all the bedding for the 10 cabins and that’s a lot of bedding.  I did some of bedding this Sat. with Jackie and Gordy going out of town for the weekend.

The resort made it through the first day with Mike and I in charge no major problems, everyone got checked in and settled in the cabins.  And then it started to rain, and it rained pretty good for a couple of hours.  The guests didn’t go fishing until after 7PM. 

Friday night the temps got down in the low 30s and didn’t warm up much on Sat. maybe in the middle 50s.  Everybody had on jackets sweatshirts and rain jackets to keep warm and dry.  We started a fire in our fire pit last night so we could sit outside and keep a little warm.  Mike is going to need a blood transfusion pretty soon, the mosquitoes really enjoy his blood.  He said he is getting weaker by the day, the darn blood suckers.  They pretty much leave me alone, guess I’m not sweet enough for them. I don’t ever remember the mosquitoes  being this bad this early in the year, but they problely  have been.

Tomorrow is another day.   

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