Monday, June 22, 2009

Back At The Lake And Happy Fathers Day

Sunday June 21, Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids MN

First off I want to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Day.  He is the best dad any daughter could ask for, a wonderful man.

We left the cities on Friday after my physical therapy appointment.  Still trying to get my right shoulder in shape.  I have an exercise program to follow everyday, hopefully it will help. 

Before we left for the lake I took some pictures of the cats next door, there are five of them, I only have pictures of three. 


Tee Tee is just a kitty about 3 months old.  She wanted to come with us but mean Mike said no.  She would sneak into the MH every chance she could.  Stormy was never happy when Tee Tee made it through the door. 


I call these the Bad A_ _ cats.  They look really mean,  but are really just the sweetest cats. 


This is our parking spot at the house.  We worked out an agreement with the renters that we will park here when we are in town. 

It is really nice to be at the lake.  Got back in time for turn over on Saturday.  It was pretty warm so cleaning cabins was a hot job.  Sure felt good to take a shower that afternoon.

Mike caught a 35 inch 12 pound northern Friday evening.  He came in pretty excited, sorry no pictures the camera was forgotten.  Northerns between 24-36 inches have to released in this lake.    

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