Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visiting My Aunt Rose

Tuesday Sept. 28th 2010

We are drowning here in New York.  We arrived in New York on Sunday in the rain and it is still raining.

Monday we did the laundry and Tuesday we visited my Aunt Rose, my mothers last living sister.  My mother came from a family of seven girls, she was the youngest.  My mother passed away when she was only 37 and her oldest sister also died at the young age of 37.

I lived with my Aunt Rose in Marlboro New York when I was 15-16.  It was the best time of my life.  My aunt lived only 50 miles north of New York City, on the Hudson River. 

The New York Worlds fair was in progress at this time and we spent many days at the fair.  My Aunt had no problem driving into the city so we went  everyplace, the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Broadway plays, off Broadway Plays, China Town, concerts at West Point on Sunday Evenings and so many more places.

My Aunt is now 89 and still driving to the city.  She has always traveled the world, my Uncle worked for TWA airlines so my Aunt and cousins could fly anyplace in the world and they did.  She still travels with her grandchildren to many countries. 

When Mike and I drove up to my aunt’s house it seemed so small.  I was sure it was a much bigger home, I thought it was a mansion when I was a kid.  We spent the day with her and had a wonderful visit. 


My Aunt Rose and I.

  Aunt Rose and her bird Babe

Aunt Rose and her bird Babe.  Babe is a talker he has a large vocabulary, I have never heard a bird talk to much.  Babe also fetches a small ball when you throw it.   



Babe giving me a kiss.  We had a the best time with babe. 

I hope to see Aunt Rose at least one more time before we head home. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Are Back On The East Coast

Sept 26th 2010

We left Minnesota on Thursday 23rd.  About 2 miles from the house we are going down hill and it feels like someone rear-ended us.  Mike stops the MH and we get out and our car is partially under the MH.  The hitch was not put on properly.  I guess we had other things on our mind.  Our neighbor Sandy Weis was driving by and stopped to help us.  No damage to the car and minimal to the MH, thank God.

Sunday I finally got the camera out and got some pictures  of the fall colors in PA and New York.  

P1070567 P1070570

Another week and the colors should be peeking.

We arrived at our destination Sunday about 3pm, American Family Campground.  From here we will be taking a bus to New York city every morning starting on Thursday.    

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flying Home

Monday Sept. 6th

I will be flying home on Wed.  My dad is not doing to good.  He has bone cancer and it is getting pretty painful, and the meds don’t seem to helping much. 

Not sure if I will be posting an  blog for awhile. 


Day 3 On Prince Edward Island

Saturday August 28th

Today we toured the eastern coast of the Island.  The drive brings you to fishing villages and past potato farms and lighthouses.  PEI is basically and agricultural province. 



Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Station.  Here is where the first distress signal was heard as the Titanic sank off Newfoundland. 

P1070438  P1070439

We stopped at a small farmers market on the coast and bought lunch, found a beach to enjoy.

P1070442  P1070444

Such beauty everywhere you look, but pay attention the roads do end abruptly.


Wood Island Lighthouse was built in 1876 and is the second oldest lighthouse with a square tower. 


Wood Island Ferry terminal.  The Ferry runs from Wood Island to Caribou, Nova Scotia, It’s a 75 minute trip. 

We were lucky to be here when the ferry was coming in.

DSC_0010-2 DSC_0025-1

Mike order tickets to the Musical Anne And Gilbert in Summerside PEI, for my birthday on Sunday.  What a guy, just love him.  

Anne Of Green Gables

Thursday August 27th

You can not go to PEI without visiting the site of Anne Of Green Gables.  A fictional story about a real place.  Author Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the series of books starting in 1908.  I think every young girl has read the books or seen the mini series, I know I have and my daughters and granddaughters have all enjoyed the them. 

P1070408 P1070406

The birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, New London PEI.

I’m not sure what the flowers are, but they are all over the island.


The house of Green Gables.  I believe I read someplace it was owned by cousins of Lucy’s grandfather, so she spent time here in her youth.


The house has been restored to the time period.

P1070435 P1070429

The barn and some of the gardens.



Prince Edward Island

Wednesday August 25th 

Mike took pictures of the sunset our last night on Murray Beach New Brunswick.  It was a brilliant sunset.  Nothing better then sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down. 

DSC_0043 DSC_0065

Wednesday morning we crossed the confederation bridge onto Prince Edward Island.


The bridge is 8 miles long, one lane each direction.  You don’t pay a toll going onto PEI island, but be prepared to pay coming off.  With our MH and truck I think it will be about $80.00 we will see next week when we leave.

When entering PEI you go thru Gateway Village, which is just a big welcome center.  A few small restaurants and some street entertainment.  We stopped and watched some Celtic dancers.


We stopped in Kensington at a old train station converted to a pub, Island Stone Pub.  We had a light lunch and a few glasses of wine.


The entertainment was very enjoyable, I forgot his name but he was from Summerside PEI. 

We spent the night at Cabot Beach Provincial Park.

P1070400   P1070401

Another wonderful day.