Tuesday, December 30, 2008

White Sands National Monument

The White Sands are located in the Tularosa Basin in New Mexico. There are only a few gypsum dunes fields and the White Sand Dunes is the largest at 275 Square Miles.DSC_0105


We visited the sands dunes 3 years ago, liked them so much we had to visit again.

We arrived in Benson AZ to temps in the 70s oh so warm. We will be here for at least 3 days before moving further west.


Fellow RVers and good friends of ours Steve and Sandy welcomed us as we pulled in. Spent the evening with them, and another couple. (oops forgot their names, old age.) We met Steve and Sandy last winter in Quartzsite, and had some good time together, which we hope to do again this winter.

The park we are staying at is having a big New Years Eve party tonight which we plan on attending. The club house is across the street from our spot, no driving home.

Mike and I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year. Love to you all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Off The Beaten Path

Who would have thought we would see what we did when we got off the highway in Groom TX, onto route 66, to have breakfast.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.


The man that put up the leaning water tower did so on a bet.  The town said he couldn’t get it to stay up leaning that way.  Obviously he did and won the bet.  He painted his last name on the tower before putting it up.  Two of the legs are completely out of the ground.  I don’t think it ever was a working water tower, but not sure.

After checking out the tower we stopped for breakfast at Blessed Mary’s Cafe. DSC_0088-1 

Another first for us.  The older couple that owned the cafe were interesting.  No menus so no prices, you put money in a jar for what you thought your breakfast was worth.  She would make you  pretty much what you wanted, if she had the ingredients.  Her husband would pray for you and tell stories about the 6 different women at different times that saw angels in the cafe or about his wolf dog that would only attack evil people.  Also about the witches that would come to him, not sure what they came for, I got a little lost in the story telling. He told to many stories to write about here and each one was better than the last.  Best time we ever had at breakfast.  Well we do have a really fun time at our breakfast club on Wed. when we are home. 


Groom also had the largest cross in the western hemisphere.  The cross is 190 feet tall.


It was erected in 1995 by the Cross Of The Lord Jesus Christ Ministries.  A million people come each year to visit the cross.  This was a town of 500 people back in 2000 and the only business open is the cafe, so not really sure that many people make it there, but who knows.  DSC_0100

Around the base of the cross are the stations of the cross done in bronze very beautiful. 

One other important item about Groom, they claim to be the Dairy Capital of the Southwest.  So much going on in such a small town on Old Route 66.


On to Roswell NM were on July 7th 1947 a UFO crashed.  There was a big cover up by the United States Military.  Do you really think our government would participate in a cover up?  Do I believe in UFOs and alien creatures?  HUM maybe.   

We traveled 500 miles today more then I would like, Mike gets on a roll and we are off and running.  We should be in Benson AZ Tuesday.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

We left Branson this morning about 8:30 and headed to Oklahoma.

We stopped to visit the Memorial in honor of the people who lost their lives in the bombing of the Federal Building April 19th 2005.DSC_0083

If you visit Oklahoma City, you must take the time to see the National Memorial.  I can’t begin to explain how something so tragic has been translated into something so beautiful. My visit was a life altering experience.



The Reflection Pool and behind the pool is one of the gates of time. They mark the time of the Bombing. 9:01am.  Just to the right of the pool are the chairs. 


There are 168 Chairs, one for every person that lost their lives. 

The Museum takes you on a chronological guided tour of the day of the bombing and the weeks and years that followed.  

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still In Branson

The weather did not cooperate, we are still in Branson. Flash flood warning, hail, rain and tornado warnings kept us here.  Hopefully Sunday will be an improvement.

I pretty much cleaned, organized and got the MH ready for traveling.  I also did some reading, James Patterson’s new book Cross Country.  Mike was on the computer most of the day checking the weather and planning our route south.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Back In Branson

We arrived in Branson Friday to a temp of 69 and humid. What a difference from Minnesota and wind chills of–35.

On our way back to Missouri we stopped in Albert Lee MN, Mike was pumping gas and I was going to drive, so I got out of the passenger seat and went to get in the drivers side. Well as soon as closed the door the cat (Stormy or better known as devil kitty) hit the door locks. Luckily Mike had a spare key in his wallet. All ended well, the cat is living happily in Albert Lee. Hopefully she finds a good family (only kidding she is here with us).

We had a busy few day back home. Tuesday was our granddaughter Amanda's 19th birthday party. She did the cooking and made us a delicious meal of mushroom cream sauce over tortellini, and a white chocolate cheese cake. Everything was oh so good.


Before going to my dads on Wed. we spent time visiting with friends and exchanging gifts with my girlfriends. I will miss them.

Christmas Eve we spent with the family at my dad’s house. There was 18 of us and it was a great time. More food then we could eat. I think we spent most of time home eating.


Christmas day was very busy. We started the morning at Mike’s sister Donna’s and brother-in-law Leroy’s house. His sister Dyanne was also there. His niece Debbie and her friend Katie also came.

Then we went to our daughter Teresa’s house for breakfast and to open presents. DSC_0048

Our grandkids, Ryan 18, Matt 14, Lizzy 16 and Amanda 19. We are so proud and love these 4 kids so much. They are all great kids.

After Teresa’s we went to our son Rich’s, to visit him and his wife Marion and our Grand dog Louie. DSC_0057

This was our last stop before taking off for Branson. It is so hard saying goodbye to the family, always a sad time for me.

What a wonderful Christmas, we were able to spent time with our family and friends on this special holiday.

Happy New Year To All..

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Whole Lot Of Cold (St. Paul, MN)

We are back in MN for a couple of days. Woke up this morning to temp of –12, so glad we came home for Christmas.  We really are happy to be here to spend Christmas with our family and friends.

The drive home was a little scary lots of car in the ditches in Iowa.  We had white out conditions from blowing snow a few times, and the temp never got above 5 and the wind chill was usually around –15 to –35.

We will be heading back to Missouri on Thursday and then off to Texas and AZ for the rest of the winter.  Hope our friends in FL. AZ. and Texas are warm. 

Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just A Little Cool

The weather is warming up once again.  it is 46 at 11 am, not to bad and the sun is shinny brightly.  The wind is pretty chilly has to be some kind of a wind chill out there.


Wednesday night we went to the Festival of Lights, a drive thru light display.  Not the best display for $10.00 but live and learn.  The pictures and not the best either.  Just click on them to enlarge photo.

Yesterday we went for a walk along Branson Landing.  Walked for about an hour then went to lunch.  A small cafe in Old Branson, the food was really good. 

Today I did the laundry and Mike vacuumed, did the floors and the dishes, what a guy.  I started to pack for our trip home on Sunday.

Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain and Ice

We pretty much have been staying cocooned in the MH.  The weather is rainy and the temps are low enough so we get ice. 

Mike and I did do some shopping yesterday, went to target and the grocery store, that pretty much has been the highlight of our week. It is suppose to warm up today in the 30s and 
Thursday and Friday should be in the 40s, and then another cold front for the weekend.

Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Light, Water And Fire


Last night we went to the Light, Water and Fire show at Branson Landing.  The Landing is just a big outdoor mall.  They did go all out decorating for Christmas.


I wish you all could be here to see this show, it is pretty amazing and free.


Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


You could feel the heat from the fire, pretty warm.


Branson Landing is on Lake Taneycomo, why they call it a lake I’m not sure, because it’s more like a river.

DSC_0034  I had to get at least one picture of a Christmas tree in this post.

The weather has changed for the worst.  We had rain and sleet last night, and the temp today is 16.  It might get up to 20.  I bet it is colder in Minnesota.  Today we plan on hunkering down in the MH, maybe a little TV and some reading.  I would bet there will be time for a nap or two.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Company Came


Bobbie and Jim Chapman came a visiting. They were in Coffeeville KS working for Amazon, and on their way to Bushnell FL for the winter. We met Bobbie and Jim last Jan at Quartzsite AZ. They are full time RVers originally from CO. Did some traveling with them last winter Sure was nice to see them again, even if it was for only 24 hours.

The four of us went to dinner and a show. We saw the Pressley Family Show. I forgot my camera wish I had some pictures for you. All the costumes were just beautiful. The Pressley were the first show to open in Branson. Grandpa Presley is 84 and still performing. Four generation of the family puts on a unbelievable performance


We did get a photo of us in the club house here at Turkey Creek.


I had to post a picture of Chorizo and Poncho, Bobbie and Jims’ dogs.


Jim and Mike Sunday morning, just before they pulled out. They wanted to get an early start before the ice storm hit here. It’s noon and the temp is already 60, but will be dropping tonight. The high tomorrow is only going to be 28.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning Show


We went to a morning show at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater.  The entertainers where performing.


The show featured 11 multi-talented singer and musicians, and did they put on a show.  There was only about 20 people in the audience.  In a theater that holds over 2000 people.  Shows are winding down, many entertainers have already left for the season. 


Looks like the weather will be taking a turn for the worse.  Sat. in the high 50 and Sunday in the 60s.  Also on Sunday the beginning  of the ice storm.  Monday the high is suppose to be 28 BURRR, and the continuation of the ice storm.

Saturday morning we have friends Bobbie and Jim Chapman stopping by for a day or 2 for a visit on there way to FL. Looking forward to seeing them and their 2 dogs Chorizo and Poncho.  Stormy is looking forward to the company. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Busy Day

A bright sunny day when we woke up.  Much better then yesterday.  I went shopping on my own today to Branson Landing.  I left Mike at the MH, it was time we had some space.  Spending so much time together in a small space can get a little tense at times.  We both had a nice morning.  When I finished shopping I called Mike and we went to lunch at The Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in old town Hollister. 

After lunch we went sight seeing. Please click on any picture to enlarge.  DSC_0007  

Mike got a ride in the sleigh, check out the reindeer. 


We stopped at the White River Landing were the Branson Bell Steamboat is docked.


Had to get a picture of the bears. DSC_0017 DSC_0019 Table Rock Dam. 


Chateau On The Lake Resort, this was taken from the Dam. We stopped and checked it out, what a place.  


They had a beautiful manger scene  inside the Resort. 


We stopped at the Shepherd of Hills Fish Hatchery. They had this sign outside.  I tried to fit my butt in there, but no luck didn’t fit.


Mike is feeding the fish at the hatchery.  This place is unbelievable, it is just huge.

What a beautiful day, got into the low 50s and the sun was shinning all day.  Stay Warm

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh No Snow!

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  Not measurable but still white.  The temps were chilly this morning, but the sun came out about 3PM and it warmed up nicely. I thought we left MN to get away from the snow.  Guess we have to go further south, that will be right after Christmas.  I would have taken a picture of the snow but it was to cold to go out.  We are staying toasty warm in the MH.  I did get dressed about noon.

If you need or want a tattoo this is the town.  They are everywhere.  Who would have thought Branson would have so many tattoo parlors. Who would have thought people over 60 getting tattoos. Guess times are changing.  If you wait until your older and your body is already sagging you have no worries about your tattoo looking funny.  How do they tattoo all that loose hanging skin.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guess What We Did Today


We Decorated the MH with lights. Now it feels like Christmas. I had to do something it was getting a little depressing not having Decorations in here. Yesterday Mike volunteered to help decorate the activity center here a the RV park. And a fine job he did, him and all the ladies. I was busy doing something else, I had things to take care of on the computer. Ya right..


You can see our new reclines in the above pictures.

We spent some time in old downtown Branson today. Mike just loves going into all the little shops and what he call garage sale stores. Things you buy at these tourist shops usually ends up in garage sales in the future. Then we went to Branson Landing which is right next to old Downtown and is right on the river. Our RV park is just 1 1/2 Miles from there.

Andy Williams Christmas Show


We have no tree this year, so we borrowed three at the Moon River Theater.  Were Andy Williams puts on his show. Click on any picture to enlarge.


Andy did not just have a show he puts on a production, just like his variety show many years ago.  Two hours of singing and different acts. 


Andy is showing his age but his voice has lost none of it’s luster.


The set was unbelievable so gorgeous. 


So far we have had really good seats always center stage and not to far back. This picture is his last song of the night, Moon River.

After the show we stopped at a small BBQ place. The gentlemen sitting next to me at the show recommended, Dana’s BBQ.  The food was so good but to much  We brought home some left over's for dinner tonight. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bobby Vinton


We went to the Mansion last night to see Bobby Vinton sing. It was his last night in Branson and we were lucky enough to get tickets. 


He put on an amazing show and can he move.  Mike thinks he great because he is a nice polish boy from Pennsylvania.  The band he sang with was the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  

DSC_0069_edited-1 Bobby still has a voice, he sang  many of his old songs Roses Are Red, Blue Velvet, Blue on Blue, Mr. Lonely and so many more. 


Bobby has 3 daughters and 2 sons.  Two of his daughters and one of the sons sings in his show.  What a musical family.

As you can tell we had a most enjoyable evening. Hope to repeat it today when we see Andy Williams.

The weather is still very mild in the low 50s high 40s.  It does get a little chilly at night, but not to bad.

Stay warm.