Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Busy Day

A bright sunny day when we woke up.  Much better then yesterday.  I went shopping on my own today to Branson Landing.  I left Mike at the MH, it was time we had some space.  Spending so much time together in a small space can get a little tense at times.  We both had a nice morning.  When I finished shopping I called Mike and we went to lunch at The Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in old town Hollister. 

After lunch we went sight seeing. Please click on any picture to enlarge.  DSC_0007  

Mike got a ride in the sleigh, check out the reindeer. 


We stopped at the White River Landing were the Branson Bell Steamboat is docked.


Had to get a picture of the bears. DSC_0017 DSC_0019 Table Rock Dam. 


Chateau On The Lake Resort, this was taken from the Dam. We stopped and checked it out, what a place.  


They had a beautiful manger scene  inside the Resort. 


We stopped at the Shepherd of Hills Fish Hatchery. They had this sign outside.  I tried to fit my butt in there, but no luck didn’t fit.


Mike is feeding the fish at the hatchery.  This place is unbelievable, it is just huge.

What a beautiful day, got into the low 50s and the sun was shinning all day.  Stay Warm

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