Saturday, December 6, 2008

We Made It To Branson

Pulled out of bubble Thursday at 9am.  17 degrees and very cloudy when we left.  Ran into snow flurries in southern MN and most of Iowa.  It did get pretty windy in Des Moines  the MH was getting pushed around. 

We stopped in Cameron MO for the night at 6pm.  We traveled 393 miles.  Stayed in a truck stop and it was 13 degrees when we got up in the morning.   Left the truck stop at 8 am stopped for gas paid $1.49 a gallon, pretty good.

Arrived at Turkey Creek Village RV park in Hollister MO, about 5 minutes from old Branson.   A very nice park right next to Turkey Creek (who would of thought).  Right now it is 51 degrees, just loving this weather.  It does get cold enough at night where we have to disconnect from the water and sewer.  But Mike just hooks it up in the morning. 

I will get some pictures and post them soon. 

Stay warm.

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