Monday, December 29, 2008

Off The Beaten Path

Who would have thought we would see what we did when we got off the highway in Groom TX, onto route 66, to have breakfast.

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The man that put up the leaning water tower did so on a bet.  The town said he couldn’t get it to stay up leaning that way.  Obviously he did and won the bet.  He painted his last name on the tower before putting it up.  Two of the legs are completely out of the ground.  I don’t think it ever was a working water tower, but not sure.

After checking out the tower we stopped for breakfast at Blessed Mary’s Cafe. DSC_0088-1 

Another first for us.  The older couple that owned the cafe were interesting.  No menus so no prices, you put money in a jar for what you thought your breakfast was worth.  She would make you  pretty much what you wanted, if she had the ingredients.  Her husband would pray for you and tell stories about the 6 different women at different times that saw angels in the cafe or about his wolf dog that would only attack evil people.  Also about the witches that would come to him, not sure what they came for, I got a little lost in the story telling. He told to many stories to write about here and each one was better than the last.  Best time we ever had at breakfast.  Well we do have a really fun time at our breakfast club on Wed. when we are home. 


Groom also had the largest cross in the western hemisphere.  The cross is 190 feet tall.


It was erected in 1995 by the Cross Of The Lord Jesus Christ Ministries.  A million people come each year to visit the cross.  This was a town of 500 people back in 2000 and the only business open is the cafe, so not really sure that many people make it there, but who knows.  DSC_0100

Around the base of the cross are the stations of the cross done in bronze very beautiful. 

One other important item about Groom, they claim to be the Dairy Capital of the Southwest.  So much going on in such a small town on Old Route 66.


On to Roswell NM were on July 7th 1947 a UFO crashed.  There was a big cover up by the United States Military.  Do you really think our government would participate in a cover up?  Do I believe in UFOs and alien creatures?  HUM maybe.   

We traveled 500 miles today more then I would like, Mike gets on a roll and we are off and running.  We should be in Benson AZ Tuesday.


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