Monday, December 8, 2008

Bobby Vinton


We went to the Mansion last night to see Bobby Vinton sing. It was his last night in Branson and we were lucky enough to get tickets. 


He put on an amazing show and can he move.  Mike thinks he great because he is a nice polish boy from Pennsylvania.  The band he sang with was the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  

DSC_0069_edited-1 Bobby still has a voice, he sang  many of his old songs Roses Are Red, Blue Velvet, Blue on Blue, Mr. Lonely and so many more. 


Bobby has 3 daughters and 2 sons.  Two of his daughters and one of the sons sings in his show.  What a musical family.

As you can tell we had a most enjoyable evening. Hope to repeat it today when we see Andy Williams.

The weather is still very mild in the low 50s high 40s.  It does get a little chilly at night, but not to bad.

Stay warm.

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