Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Down Town St. Paul, MN

On one of our last nights here in MN we decided to check out some Christmas lights downtown.

Rice park sign  They do a beautiful job of decorating.  We parked the car and walked around, it was a bit on the cold side in the teens and a bit of wind.  I wish I had dressed warmer.  

Rice Park 2 Funny Shape the blue tree in the picture above had a very different shape really can’t tell from this angle.Rice park 4

We leave Thursday for Missouri. We will spend a few weeks doing the tourist thing and visiting with friends.  Will be home for Christmas.  Have to spend Christmas  with our family and friends at home.  I still have to be here for Holidays. 

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mrsmuck;) said...

Rice Park is beautiful during the holiday season. We willo have to get there and maybe stop at the St. Paul grill for a cocktail!

Sherry & Mike