Friday, August 27, 2010

Fundy Trail

St. Martins is the gateway to Fundy Tail, walk it, bike it, or drive it, the beauty is breathtaking.  The trail is only 8 miles long, but there is so much to see it takes a couple of hours to complete.  Switch backs and grades at 16% make it pretty exciting drive.


The view from the first place we pulled off the road.



The trail to the waterfalls. 

P1070348 P1070354

Suspension bridge over the Salmon River.  A sign by the bridge states the capacity is should not exceed 10 people. 


The end of our drive.  I gave you the high lights of our trip on The Fundy Trail.  The people of New Brunswick call the trail one of the major wonders of the world, and I agree with them. 

Our last night in New Brunswick was spent at Murray Beach Provincial Park.  As you can see another beautiful park and campground. 


In the morning we left for Prince Edward Island.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New River Beach, Black Harbor and Ministers Island NB

P1070258 P1070271

We spent a few days at New River Provincial Park.  The beach was just across the road.  We spent time enjoying the sand and surf.

P1070270 P1070320

Mike in his usual beach attire.  The only person on the beach in jeans.  Mike’s legs have never seen the sun, and never will according to him.

Our campsite at New River. 

P1070273 P1070276

Low tide in the first picture and high tide in the second.  The tides here are unbelievable.

P1070279 P1070280

From New River we took a few side trips, one of these trips took us to Black Harbor NB. 

Black Harbor village has approximately 1200 residents.  It is situated at the edge of Passamaquoddy Bay in the south west corner of Fundy.  It is known mainly for the home of the Connors Bros, the largest sardine packing plant in the world .  It is also the main departure/ arrival point for the island of Grand Manan.

When you first drive into to town the first thing you notice is the odor from the sardine factory, a very strong smell.

Our next adventure was the Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island.  Ministers Island is a 500 acre tidal island and, national provincial historic site.

We drove across the ocean floor on “the bar” at low tide to the island.  The bar is a natural road that’s been in place for thousands of years.  If the tide is high you can take a 10 minute shuttle boat.  You do have to know your tide schedules before going.


Yep, that’s the road, I was a little apprehensive at first, then I just shut my eyes and hoped we didn't get stuck.  This is one of the things I could have passed on seeing.   

William Van Horne wealthy from building the Canadian coast-to-coast railway, built his summer cottage and model farm here in the mid 1890s.


We made it off the island before high tide. 


St. Martins And The Fundy Trial

Saturday August 21st

St Martins is a village with red cliffs and sea caves where the highest tides in the world sweep in and out.  As the tide goes out you can walk the ocean floor into the sea caves.

P1070376 P1070378



The beach by the sea caves is known for the green rocks, I picked up a few not sure what I will do with them but they are pretty.

St Martins has a couple of covered bridges.

P1070367 P1070369

I was able to get these pictures while driving the truck.  Mike said he could make it thru. 

We stayed at Century Farms family Campground in St. Martins.  Our site was just a few feet from the ocean.


Taken from the window of the MH


Lucy’s favorite spot to sleep, occasionally she sleeps so sound she falls off.  

Sunday, August 22, 2010

St. George ad St. Johns New Brunswick

August 21st and 22nd

Most days we travel 60 miles or less and then staying for a couple of nights.  There is so much to see along the coast of New Brunswick.  Some days we drive 50 miles to go 25 miles, ops wrong turn again. 

St. George has the third most photographed falls in Canada.  P1070285 


The St. George fishway is where the Atlantic Salmon come to spawn each year.  On the left side of the photo is the ladder pools in which the salmon swim up to spawn. 


Every town on the coast has something to see and St. Johns is no different. 

DSC_0013 P1070326


The water flows in reverse when the tide comes in. 


New Brunswick has many covered bridges this one is in St. Johns. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

St Stephen New Brunswick, Canada’s Chocolate Town

The chocolate Museum is a must for chocoholics.  All you can eat chocolates as your touring the museum.  The museum displays the history of Ganong Bros. candy makers in St. Stephen since 1873.   It would have been fun to do a factory tour, but they no longer have them due to peanut allergies. 

Mike was in heaven all the chocolates you want and very good chocolates.   


We will be staying 4 nights at New River Provincial Park just south of St. John.  The Canadian Provincial Parks camp sites are very wooded and large.  Nothing nicer then a camp fire in the evening.


Across the street from the campground is a beautiful beech on the ocean.  We spent a full day reading and having a picnic lunch.  Also doing one of favorite things, people watching.


Mike once again in his beech attire.  You can tell water is his thing.


The day was a little overcast, but plenty warm with a nice breeze coming off the ocean.



The two photos were taken from the same spot six hours apart.  The tide is unbelievable in this area.


We will be following highway one up the fundy coast for the next week or so. 

Another Perfect day. 

Campobello Island New Brunswick


The FDR bridge going to Campobello Island New Brunswick, from Lubec Maine. 

James Roosevelt, his wife Sara, and one year old Franklin D. Roosevelt first visited Campobello Island in 1883.  That same years James purchased a summer cottage and became summer residents.  The site of James’ cottage no longer standing was just north of FDR cottage.

From 1883 until he was stricken with polio in 1921 FDR spent most of his summers on the beautiful island. 

Sara purchased the Kuhn cottage in 1909 that would become Franklin’s and Eleanor's summer home for many years.   The house has 34 rooms total, which includes 18 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.



In the late 1800’s wealthy American families stayed at the resort hotels, on Campobello.  Many built summer cottages.  Today four of these cottages are owned by the Park Commission. 

P1070219  P1070228



The oval window looking over Passamaquoddy Bay is original to the Hubbard cottage.

The Island is now known as the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.


The Mulholland Point Lighthouse was built in 1885 to guide the many small freighter through the narrow Lubec Channel.



DSC_0003 DSC_0046

Lubec Maine from the Island. 

We were having a glass of wine on a patio in Lubec watching the harbor seals coming in for the evening.