Friday, August 6, 2010

Rockland Maine Lobster Festival

Mike has been waiting weeks to sink his teeth into some fresh Maine Lobster, and today was the day.  For 63 years the town Of Rockland has been hosting the lobster Festival.  Not only is their lobster served from 10 in the morning until 10 at night, there is a ton of other activities.  Parade, cooking contest, Coast Guard tours, Navy ship tours, Pancake breakfast, lobster crate race,  just to name a few. 


The steamer in the second picture will cook 1600 pounds of lobster at a time.  Fresh Maine lobster, just out of the cold Maine waters, are cooked here for feasting in the eating tent.

P1070001  P1060997-2

Wait that’s no lobster,  he’s part of the dynamic dead fish display. 

P1070002-2 P1070012-2

The festival is held at the harbor.  Lots of boats were pulling in all day.  Mike wanted to rent us a boat, he thought it would be just the right size for me to row around. 

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Black Beard showed up in the eating tent and raised a little havoc.  King Neptune with his royal followers.   


Before leaving the festival we had to stop and have something to quench our thirst.  

Saturday nights entertainment is Clint Black at 8pm, we plan to attend if I can stay up that late. 

Having just a great time. 


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Jim and Bobbie said...

Thanks for sharing; great photos. The Lobster Festival is on our "bucket list" for one day in the future.