Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camden Maine

Sunday August 8th

So far most of our time has been spent in Rockland Maine.  The town of Camden is only a mile from the state park we staying at, we decided to have breakfast in town Sunday morning. 

These are not your quite coastal towns they are small towns with lots and lots of tourist.  More then you can imagine.  Don’t get me wrong the towns are wonderful just so crowded you can hardly move.  We got up early, but not early enough, parking was difficult to say the least, but we managed to find a place within a reasonable distance. 


We got lucky we got a seat on the patio of Mariner’s Grill.  I had the best lobster omelet I ever tasted, of course it is the first one I’ve had, it was so good.

The views from the patio were not bad either.


This little fellow wanted to have breakfast with us, but he was having a bad hair day. 





The pictures just do not do the town justice.

After breakfast we drove to the Rockland Maine lighthouse and breakwater.  We were told it was a must see, but no one mentioned it was a mile walk each direction on uneven granite boulders.  Not complaining it was well worth the walk.


You watched where you were stepping at all times, the cracks would swallow a small child or break the ankle of an old lady.


An old picture of the lighthouse.


A new picture taken from the front.


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