Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back In The States and A Fair

Friday July 30, 2010

We reentered the states thru Fort Kent Maine.  The border patrol was not as happy to see us as we were to see them.   Exit the vehicle and take any pets with you, go to the office.   Well that was a surprise and a first for us.  They asked us a lot of questions, mostly do you have fire arms, or did you purchase anything in Canada that you want to declare.  Over and over they asked these 2 questions among others.  They checked the MH and truck inside and out, but were very nice about it.   We felt they were doing their job keeping us safe.  

We drove about 40 miles into Maine and stopped at a Wal-Mart in Presque Isle for the night. 

We had planned on staying only one night, but then we saw a flyer for the Northern Main Fair in town.  International tractor and truck pulling were on the list of events.  Mike thought it was time I see a tractor pull, what A guy, he’s always thinking of me.

DSC_0001-2 DSC_0006-2



The object of this event was to pull a wagon with a weight as far as you can. I don’t believe speed had anything to do with it.  Big supped up tractors, little yard tractors, old trackers and new ones they all participated.

After all the excitement I was hungry for some fair food.  I had a corn dog and Mike went off on his own and had a Scottish Egg, what  is a Scottish egg, and are you sure you want to try it.

P1060934 P1060942 The midway.

A hard boiled egg with pork sausage around it and deep fried.  Not so good.

After we ate went to check out the animal barns.

P1060947 P1060950

P1060951 P1060953


What the heck is this, and do I need one.

They had a free show with Bengal Tigers.  I hate to see animals like this caged, I just think it is very inhumane.  Maybe when they are home they have a really big area to run in.   Okay my little rant.

DSC_0069-1  DSC_0081-2


And that was our day. 


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