Friday, August 27, 2010

Fundy Trail

St. Martins is the gateway to Fundy Tail, walk it, bike it, or drive it, the beauty is breathtaking.  The trail is only 8 miles long, but there is so much to see it takes a couple of hours to complete.  Switch backs and grades at 16% make it pretty exciting drive.


The view from the first place we pulled off the road.



The trail to the waterfalls. 

P1070348 P1070354

Suspension bridge over the Salmon River.  A sign by the bridge states the capacity is should not exceed 10 people. 


The end of our drive.  I gave you the high lights of our trip on The Fundy Trail.  The people of New Brunswick call the trail one of the major wonders of the world, and I agree with them. 

Our last night in New Brunswick was spent at Murray Beach Provincial Park.  As you can see another beautiful park and campground. 


In the morning we left for Prince Edward Island.

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