Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hanging Out In Northern Maine

Tuesday August 3rd, 2010

Full service gas stations what an oddity. This is the first time in our travels that we have run into nothing but full service gas stations.  Fill-err-up, check the oil, wash the windows, and kick the tires, all for $2.91 a gallon.  Less then $4 something we paid for gas in Canada. 

We are hanging out for a few days in Bangor Maine, doing laundry, shopping, and getting hair cuts.  Just the normal everyday stuff.

It’s funny how little things in life can make your day.  Being on the road so much and stopping at laundry mats, we have become a little fussy as to where we will wash our clothes.  some laundries are dirtier then my clothes and only half the machines work, I have walked out of many with just one look inside.  The Laundry Basket in Bangor Maine is the nicest and cleanest laundry we have in.  Mike liked it, it had a big screen TV hanging on the wall.

One more day in Bangor and we head south to Camden Maine.  We have reservation at the State Park for 4 nights. 


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