Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Are Back On The East Coast

Sept 26th 2010

We left Minnesota on Thursday 23rd.  About 2 miles from the house we are going down hill and it feels like someone rear-ended us.  Mike stops the MH and we get out and our car is partially under the MH.  The hitch was not put on properly.  I guess we had other things on our mind.  Our neighbor Sandy Weis was driving by and stopped to help us.  No damage to the car and minimal to the MH, thank God.

Sunday I finally got the camera out and got some pictures  of the fall colors in PA and New York.  

P1070567 P1070570

Another week and the colors should be peeking.

We arrived at our destination Sunday about 3pm, American Family Campground.  From here we will be taking a bus to New York city every morning starting on Thursday.    

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