Monday, September 6, 2010

Anne Of Green Gables

Thursday August 27th

You can not go to PEI without visiting the site of Anne Of Green Gables.  A fictional story about a real place.  Author Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the series of books starting in 1908.  I think every young girl has read the books or seen the mini series, I know I have and my daughters and granddaughters have all enjoyed the them. 

P1070408 P1070406

The birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, New London PEI.

I’m not sure what the flowers are, but they are all over the island.


The house of Green Gables.  I believe I read someplace it was owned by cousins of Lucy’s grandfather, so she spent time here in her youth.


The house has been restored to the time period.

P1070435 P1070429

The barn and some of the gardens.



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