Friday, June 26, 2009

The Wild Flowers Are In Bloom

Thursday June 25th 2009.   Big Balsam Camp And Resort                                     

Took a ride to the Balsam Store which is only 7 miles from the resort instead of going 30 some miles to town.  The meadows and ditches along the roads were covered with wildflowers.  They are in full bloom.  Who would have thought anything could be so beautiful, it was picture perfect.


The picture above is the meadow along the driveway to the resort.  Check out the sky is that a beauty.  A perfect picture and perfect day.


Wish I had a book on wildflowers, then I could tell you what is growing.  The only one I know is the white daisies.  The yellow flowers in the picture above are a very bright butter yellow. 




Lots of the orange flowers, they are a very bright orange.


All the pictures are taken along the road going to the resort. 

Mike and Al went fishing again last night and caught 6 more northern and more sun fish and crappies.  On the 4th of July Gordy and Jackie have a BBQ from all the guests.  Gordy does the fish on the grill.  Mike and Al are catching the fish for the 4th picnic.  My right shoulder is still to sore to do any fishing, I go back to the doc July 13th and hopefully things will be improving and I can get some fishing time in.  

The weather has been just perfect the last couple of days, a little windy today but not to bad.

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