Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy At Home

Wednesday June 17th Maplewood, MN

We have been home for a week and a half, doing our yearly physicals.  Mike is about as healthy as a 61 year old can get.  Me just get the gun and shoot me.  High blood pressure high cholesterol.  I have been going to physical therapy for my right shoulder, torn rotator cuff.  I have to see a surgeon when we come back in July and have a growth removed off my left arm.  Of course the doctor would like me to loose 20 pounds, and we all now how easy that is.   More meds then I want to talk about.  Other then that I feel great. 

Now to the good news we have the house rented a years lease.  Nice young couple with a couple of kids, one a 4 month old baby.  They move in the first of July, sure do hope everything works out okay.

We have been busy doing last minute things on the house, I think we just about have it taken care of.

Not much time left for visiting with family and friends, but we did get out to dinner one night with neighbors Ken and LeeAnn.  Our son Rich and his wife Marion had a dinner party with a South African theme lots of people and some really good food and wine.  Marion had the house decorated in an African theme also.  When she lived in Hawaii she put on theme parties, so she is really good at it. 


We had dinner at Phil's Tara Hideaway in Stillwater MN, with Ken and LeeAnn.  Looks like a little log cabin, before they remolded, it was a very old log cabin building. The food is absolutely fantastic, and the prices are not bad.


Very intimate, not much room to move around.


The bar area, the blue thing hanging form the ceiling is a upside down toboggan.  Not sure why maybe to slid rowdy people out the door, and down the hill. 

After Dinner we went back to their house to play our favorite dice game farkle.  I lost $2.50, Mike was the big winner for the night $17.00. 

We did get together with dad and the Wednesday morning breakfast group this morning.  Always so much fun and lots of laughs. 

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