Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Typical Day AT The Lake

Wednesday June 24th Big Balsam Camp and Resort Grand Rapids, MN

I put a link above to the resort. Take a look it is a great place to fish and relax and have tons of fun.  Mike and I are so lucky we are able to spent our summers here.  The owners Gordy and Jackie are just the best people, they make you feel right at home. 

Woke up to cool and sunny morning, so I thought it would be a good day to do a little house cleaning.  Cleaned a few windows and screens did some dusting and just general deep cleaning.  About 11:00 it started to warm up so I was finished for the day. 

Now I can work on the bracelet I’m making.  I do quit a bit of beading, Mike says I have way to many beads, and  it puts us over the weight limit .  You can never have to many beads, of course I couldn’t possibly use them all in my life time, but I sure will have fun trying. 

It is such a calm day the lake is like glass, it is so quiet, the birds are singing and chirping away.  Mike got a picture of more wildlife today, our little red squirrel.  He sits in the tree and yells at stormy, I just don’t think Stormy is somebody he wants to get to know. 


As peaceful as it is today, last night at 11:00 PM some of the guests decided it was a good time to light  some fireworks, the same people who couldn’t find the outside light switch the other night.   This went on until midnight, sure hope they lit them all last night and don’t have any left for tonight.  Most of the time people are very considerate and follow the 10:00 PM quite time rule.

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