Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Day Off

Friday May 29th Big Balsam Camp, Grand Rapids, MN

We have no set days off at the resort, if there is something to do we do it, if not well we have a day off.

Mike fixed the awning on the slide for the MH, it got a little bent when he was taking the slide in the last time.  But you know Mike give him a hammer and a Q tip and he can fix anything.  He also did some monthly maintenance on the MH. 

In the afternoon we went to lunch at the Balsam Cafe, split a Friday special, fish and fries.  Did a little shopping at the Balsam store, milk and dish soap.  The Balsam store is a gas station convenience store, it is pretty pricey no major shopping.  Next week we will run into town and get the things we need. 

Before dinner we played a little gin, and after dinner we had planned to do some fishing, but the sky looked like rain and it became very windy.  We stayed in a watched TV in the evening.  A very enjoyable day. 

Saturday Gordy and Jackie are going to the cities for a family function and Mike and I will be in charge until Monday.   

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