Friday, May 29, 2009

A Change In The Weather

Thursday March 28th Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

The sun is shinning and the temps have warmed up nicely.  Everybody is happy here at the resort.  Mike had some work to do for Gordy today, running a water line from a small lake to the vegetable garden by the main house.  Al who also spends his summers here at the resort is a retired nursery owner.   He plants the garden and takes care of it, we all reap the benefits of his labor.

It was laundry day for me, as long as I had sunshine I decided to hang my clothes outside.  We do have dryers in the laundry room but I love the smell of fresh air, especially the clean sheets.  I got that done and it was time to rest.

I finished a very good book by Lisa Gardner, The Other Daughter.  Lisa is a mystery, suspense author with a little romance thrown in.  Her books are hit and miss with me, I really like some and others were a chore to get thru.

After dinner we were invited up to Gordy and Jackie’s (the owners of the resort) for dessert, she made a fresh rhubarb pie.  Mike has a very sweet tooth and pie is one of his favorite desserts.  Pie, Ice Cream and glass of wine, boy you can’t beat that for a snack before bed.

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