Friday, May 15, 2009

Dogs and Elephants

I picked up my son and daughter-in-laws dog the other day, to have some fun with. They have an Italian Grey Hound, named Louie, who is just the nicest puppy, well not really a puppy he is 5 years old (I think). Louie loves coming to our house to play, we have over an acre for him to run around, and greyhounds love to run.

P1030038 Louie

It was an especially fun day for Louie, our neighbor has a new puppy a 2 1/2 month old black lab, named Lucy. Rick, her owner calls her Lacy but I like Lucy better and she acts like a Lucy. I dog sit Lucy everyday, I let her out a few times a day to do her thing.

P1030047 Lucy and Louie

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of 2 dogs playing. Good things cameras are digital, I would have gone thru tons of film.


How fast can she run? To fast for me to chase her. P1030054

Finally she slowed down, for a few minutes anyway.


Stormy found a safe place to hide under the MH. Dogs are okay, but they can get a little to wild for her.

Now onto the Elephant


Our Grandson Ryan found an Elephant on the side of the road. The elephant is a little beat up, but he likes to ride in the back of the pickup. What young kids do these days. Good clean fun. By the way the elephant is stuffed, but it sure looks real.

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