Friday, May 8, 2009

Working On The House

Friday May 8th

Mike is working on the bathroom, one step forward 2 back.  Mike had bought a new tub for his project. He installed it and put up some walls to make a shower enclosure.  Well the room ended up to small only a really skinny person would fit.  So out comes the new walls and the bathtub, which was larger then the old one, back in goes the old tub and no new walls. 

P1020982 P1020984


Two weeks into the project and not much is done.  Hopefully we have a plan now and everything will go accordingly.

While Mike is working on the bathroom I'm getting ready for our last garage sale.  The house is pretty cleaned out, but there is always the last few things that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep or let it go.   Our daughter Teresa volunteered to have a sale at her house, she lives in an area that is big on yard sales, most everything went the first day.

Back working at the compost site today.   I forgot how long a day can be when you work 10 hours.  P1030008


The inside of my office.  The window on the right in the middle of the picture is the drive up window.  We have Direct TV, a small Refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, I guess we have everything a person would need to have a good day at the office.  Oh and it is air conditioned in the summer and heated for the spring and fall.


The unfinished compost, grass and leaves.  There are about a dozen wind rows couple hundred feet long of the unfinished compost.  Come summer it really smells ripe out here. 


A small pile of our finished compost. 


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