Monday, May 25, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Sunday May 24th Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

Sunday Afternoon was game time, Cowboy Horseshoe.  Not sure if that’s the real name but it’s what we call it.  It is played with golf balls on a rope and PVC pipe glued together to make a ladder.


Here we are, just waiting for the first couple to start.  The tension is mounting, who will be the winners.  Eight, two person teams will be participating in the event.  Double elimination once you loose twice your out.  Well Mike and I only got to play 2 games and we lost them both.  P1030215

Grandson Ryan was partnered with his dad and Mike and I were partnered.     P1030219











Our Daughter Sherry and Granddaughter Lizzy were on opposite teams.

Big Balsam Lake 2009

This was a very intense afternoon, as the games progressed the pressure mounted.

Big Balsam Lake 2009-1  

They were close games it was hard to pick who was going to take it all.  The money was in my pocket to be handed to the winner.  I know I wasn’t in contention, Mike and I were bad, played 2 games and lost 2 games, I know pretty sad. 

And the winning team is














Lizzy and Natalie.  Pretty sure it was because they had a uniform, matchy matchy .  None of the other teams knew we were suppose dress alike.  Wait until next year girls.  They went home with the money.  The second place team was our grandson Ryan and son-in-law Mike.  To bad you had to lose to the girls.

Collages Let me tell you we  know how to party after the games we got pretty wild.  Celebrated a birthday, boy oh boy, what a time.  Cake and more cake.


Carson Chevrette grandson of Ken and LeeAnn Chevrette, friends and neighbors of ours for 30 years.


The birthday boy got hugs and kisses from the winners.

It was a great day had by all, lots of fun and laughs.  

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