Friday, May 15, 2009

Bathroom and Prom

Well the bathroom is coming along, the sheetrock is up taped and painted.  The tub is in, and the floor should be going in today, and hopefully the tile around the tub and shower will be done next week before we go up to the lake.

Saturday was the last day of the garage sale, we sold the rest of the furniture and the small items we still had.  The house is empty and ready to rent or sell which ever comes first.

Our granddaughter Elizabeth had her prom last Saturday.  She and her boyfriend Drew looked so cute.  The pictures were taken at our daughter Sherry’s house.  Sherry has some beautiful gardens a perfect place for prom pictures.




We hope to leave for the lake next Wednesday, looking so forward to having a fun summer of fishing and relaxing and some work.  Friends and family will be their for Memorial weekend, should be a good time. 

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