Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still Cool And Cloudy

Wednesday March 27th Big Balsam Lake, Grand Rapids, MN

The weather man tells us it we be clearing and warming up, we will see. 

I helped Jackie clean cabin 12 today. There were 25 people staying in a two bedroom one bath cabin, lots of kids.  We thought it would be a mess but thank you very much they did a great job of cleaning it.  Only took us 1 1/2 to change bedding, clean the kitchen, bathroom, porch and living room.  

While we were working on the cabin, Gordy and Mike were mowing and raking the yard, pretty sure a few trees came on contact with a chain saw.  Cabin 12 is across the lake, I will have to get some pictures of it.  If you enjoy being by yourself this is the place for you, very secluded. 

I filled my hummingbird feeders in the afternoon.  You would not believe the number of Ruby Throated hummingbirds there are in this area.  Jackie at times has as many as 20- 25 hummers at her feeders by the main house.  I don’t have that many but some days I fill my feeder twice, those little buggers really can drink the nectar. 

The sun came out later in the afternoon, sure was nice to see it.  After dinner Mike cut the grass in front of the MH and I did dishes.  We finished our chores and relaxed outside with a glass of wine and the misquotes.  The misquotes are just horrible hungry animals this year.  




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