Sunday, May 24, 2009

At The Lake With Family And Friends

It has been a busy few days here at the lake.  The weather has been perfect, warm sunny days and cool nights.  Cold nights really in the lower 30s.  

The fishing hasn’t been the best but enough to have a fish fry tonight.  We do have to supplement the fish with some hot dogs.  Usually we have tons of fish by Sunday night. 


A few of us at the beach watching the kids swim.  Not really warm enough, but they wanted to try.


Carson Clayton and Conrad.  P1030117

Carson and Conrad not real sure they want to do this swimming thing.


Nat “once your legs go numb from the cold it really is not to bad”.


Natalie and Lizzy.  Natalie is a friend of Lizzy’s, she has been coming to the lake with Liz the past 5 years.  Great friends.  They swim on the Woodbury High School Swim team together. 


Baby makes 21.  Shaina and Joe expecting their first baby June 30th.  One of my best friends daughter.


We celebrated a birthday, girl friend LeeAnn with her grandson who turned five today.  Cake and Ice cream after the fish fry tonight. 


Stormie pretty much stays away from Patch just a bit on the large side for her.  Patch wants to play but she will have nothing to do with him.  P1030133

Let me in that big dog is here again. 


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