Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Much Happening

Thursday April 30yh

It has been a busy week, not all fun stuff.  Well some of it was fun.

Our neighbors stopped up over the weekend for a visit. Some of the kids and grandkids stopped over.  That was really nice seeing everybody.

I had an eye doctor appointment, wow has the prices of glasses gone up.  I guess the price of everything else has gone up too.  Got my hair cut on Monday, that feels much better.  Yesterday I went into work for a few hours at the compost site.  Sure was nice seeing my boss Richard, what a guy.  I will have to make sure to send him my blog address, maybe I could get a raise if I say really nice things about him.

Mike started right in on the yard Saturday, mowing, raking leaves and fertilizing.  Why would he want it to grow, then you have to cut it more. 

He started on the bathroom Sunday tore the sheet rock off the walls, the toilet and tub are gone and nut much on the floor but the wood.

Wednesday we went to breakfast with my dad and our regular Wed. morning breakfast group.  Lots of stories and laughs.  Everybody always has so much to talk about.  We do a little show and tell, Joanie is making the cutest purse and I had to pass around a tennis bracelet I made this winter.  

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