Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spam Museum and Home

Friday April 24th

We spent Thursday night at the truck stop in Albert Lea MN.  Friday morning we unhooked the truck and drove to Austin MN to visit the Spam museum. 


The Spam Museum opened in 2002, across the street from the meat plant.  Hormel which makes Spam and 3,000 other food products is located in Austin MN. 


Spam is made from pig parts (they didn’t tell which parts) and secret spices then cooked in it’s own can right on the assembly line.  The factories produce 44,000 cans of Spam an hour.  Hawaiian's consumes more Spam then any other state or country. 


A tower of 3390 cans of Spam rises to the ceiling in the lobby of the museum. 



Advertising posters from years past.

Try it you’ll like it.  A have to visit place.

Well we made it home early Friday afternoon, and is it good to be back.  Saturday Mike was already raking and mowing the lawn.  The man just never stops.  Monday is going to start remolding the bathroom in the house. 


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