Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rita Coolidge and Balloon Blow

Saturday April 18th

The weather has warmed up and the sun is shinning, not real warm, but much better. 

I forgot to mention we are staying at the Balloon Fiesta Grounds and the all the exhibits are at the New Mexico Fair Grounds about 15 miles south or maybe north.  Mikes not here to inform me of the direction, who cares.  You can either drive or take a bus.  The first day we took the bus waited in line in the rain and snow for over an hour.  They had 8 buses running but not nearly enough for all the people.

Neil 001 

A small portion of the line we waited in for the bus to get to the fair grounds. 

Most of the exhibitors had products for MHs, and there were a couple hundred so you could spend a ton of money.  We did our share to support the economy.  They also had all kinds of new MH to go thru. Spent some time doing that.


Not sure what year the Ford pick up is, again Mike is off somewhere else.  At least I know it’s a Ford


Inside the red and white tear drop.



Inside the Airstream Trailer. 






Our new MH with the patio.  Okay not really.  Nothing wrong with my arm just a little sore and I wanted the attention. In the crowds everybody moves out of the way when they see a cripple coming.  What ever works.


Saturday nights entertainment was Rita Coolidge.  Mike attended but I was just to tired, from walking the fair grounds going thru all the exhibits.


The balloon blow was held after the concert. 



Pretty spectacular. 

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Great pictures, Sandy. Understand more buses came the second day and many people started driving over...much better. Chorizo says "hi". Bobbie