Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wind And More Wind, And The Trinity Site

Saturday April 4th

We have had nothing but wind and more wind.  Last night we were up at 3am to pull our slide in.  Never has our MH rocked so hard.  It seems everywhere in the southwest it has been windy.

Mike had me set the alarm clock again last night, he wanted to be up early to get to the Trinity site. 

The first atomic bomb was detonated at Trinity Site on July 16th 1945.  Trinity Site is located on the northern end of White Sands Missile Range in central New Mexico.  The site is only mildly radioactive, and is open to the public for one day, twice a year.  Not sure what they mean by only mildly radioactive. 


No information on the test was released until after the bomb was used as a weapon against Japan, people in New Mexico knew something happened.  The shock wave broke windows 120 miles away and was felt at least 160 miles away.

When we got to the site we were bused 2 miles to the ranch house first, were the plutonium was assembled. 

DSC_0001 P1020744

The McDonald ranch house, and the room where the plutonium was assembled.



We got back to the site of detonation and were able to see where the bomb was detonated, and learn more of the history of the atomic bomb.   

I couldn’t believe all the people, I had never heard of the Manhattan Project or the Trinity site, except in the movies.  I guess a lot of people are very interested in the history.  I did find it informative and interesting. 

The story of what happened at Trinity Site did not come to light until after the second atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima, Japan on august 6th.President Truman made the announcement that day.  Three days later, august 9th the third atomic bomb exploded in the city of Nagasaki, and on August 14th the Japanese surrendered. 

Bobbie and Jim stopped by to see us after we arrived back at the MH.  They brought the puppies with them, not sure if Stormy was to happy to see them, but I was.  She was happy with Bobbie and Jim, not so with the puppies.  We all went to dinner and had a wonderful visit.


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