Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Papa Doo Run Run

Monday April 20th

Mike went to his last seminar today, a computer class on how to use Picasa a photo storage application.  I pretty much hung around the MH, just went on a nice long walk.

The Temps got in the high 80s today with nothing but sunshine.  Just a little to warm for me.

The last of the evening entertainment, was Papa Doo Run Run.  They toured with Jan and Dean and The Beach Boys in the 60s.  The Rally really did get some nice entertainers for the week.  Everyone was good and some were great. 



Most of the songs they sang were from the Beach Boys.  Two of the band members played with the beach boy for 10 to 12 years.  Love to here the songs from when we were in high school.

This is it we are headed out Tuesday morning, see family and friends in a few day. 


Our last sunset from the southwest. 

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