Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bridges Of Madison County and John Wayne

Thursday April 23rd


A small house on Second Street in Winterset Iowa was the home of John Wayne.  He was born here and lived in the house until he was 3, when they moved to another town in Iowa.  We were able to tour the house, and it features the largest public collection of John Wayne memorabilia. 

Winterset Iowa is in Madison County were the movie Bridges of Madison County was filmed.  P1020935  










The Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge is in Winterset City Park and is one of the most scenic. Built in 1871 and was moved to the park in 1970 and renovated in 1997.  We visited three of the bridges in the area. 


Roseman Covered Bridge built in 1883 and renovated in 1992, sits on it’s original site. 

Winterset has the old hometown feeling you find in the small town rural way of life.  Well worth a visit if your in the area, or make it a destination much to see and do.  


Downtown Winterset top picture and the Court House below.



Winterset City Park also has a unique English Style hedge maze, which we walked thru.  If I had been leading instead of Mike we would still be in the maze, lost forever. 

One of the most unique small towns we have visited.  The City Park offers 76 acres of wooded country side, and a modern RV camping area.


We stopped in another small town, Adel Iowa.  They also have a beautiful out Court House.  Had to stop and get pictures,  glad we did the secondary roads on our way home.  So many towns that we would never have seen.

We will be home Friday.  Sure will be good to see family and friends.



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