Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday

Saturday April 11th

It was just to windy to go for our walk this morning, but we did drive down to the beach to watch the Easter Egg Hunt.


The Easter Bunny was in attendance.  Not the best rabbit I ever saw but kids sure did like her.


Kids started lining up at 10 for the 11 start.  More then 2600 real colored eggs were used for the hunt, not the colored plastic eggs.  Hope none of the kids ate the eggs. 


They were off hunting and gathering.  The kids seemed to have a really good time.  The fire department was giving rides and tours on the fire trucks for the kids.

The wind is really kicking up today gusts up to 45mph, so we are hibernating in the MH, reading and playing on the computer.  About 2 o’clock Mike had enough sitting around, and took a road trip to Hatch NM, the Chili Capital of the World.  Hatch is 35 miles south of T or C, just a nice Saturday drive by himself.  Mike loves his salsa and Hatch makes some of the best in the world.  He came home with 5 jars of salsa, a batch dried  red chills and a package fire roasted green peppers.


One of my sunset pictures.  This is taken facing east and is the reflection from the sunset. 

We wish are family and friends a Happy Easter. Love to all.

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