Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friends In Albuquerque NM

Friday March 3rd

Mike gets up in the morning and the first thing he does is get on the computer.  He checks to see where all are friends are, most of them of blogs like ours.  We all post where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.  He saw Bobbie and Jim Chapman are here in Albuquerque, gave them a call and we planned to meet for lunch.  Bill and Lesle were also in town.

  We met both couples last year in Quartzsite AZ.  We did some traveling with Bobbie and Jim last winter, and they are the couple that drove a couple hundred miles out of their way to visit us in Branson MO this winter.

Our Chiweenies-Chorizo & Poncho

Bobbie and Jim’s 2 Cheweenies, Chorizo and Poncho.  Chorizo is the cutiest one, he’s my puppy.  I borrowed this picture from Bobbie’s blog.  I have no really nice pictures of the dogs.


Bobbie, Jim, Me, Bill and Lesle. 

Had a great lunch buffet at Casino 66, near Bobbie and Jim’s RV park.  Thanks you guys hope to see  you down the road soon. 



As we drove into the RV park where Jim and Bobbie are staying we saw the two Hudson's pulling trailers.  Mike figures the top in is in the late 40s and the bottom one is probably early 50s.

Windy again today gusts up to 35mph.  Wish we would get someplace the wind was not blowing. 

I posted two blogs yesterday. 

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